Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet gifts from PochPoch and AD140

Hey guys. Well I joined the ranks of the unemployed today. Saw it coming so far away I already packed up my stuff weeks ago and had interviews lined up for some time now.
Anyway...seems I have a lot more time on my hands so I can do some blogs I thought I would never have time to do for some time. First off this blog is dedicated to AD140. This was long overdue and I am very sorry for that. I requested he draw Kid 'Pit' Icarus from Nintendo, all grown up and enjoying his arrow, as AD so eloquently put it! XD

Did someone pick me in Smash Bros AGAIN? One sec...I am just finishing up here! XD

This was super of Andy to do for me. He is so good at doing this classic Anime style. It reminds me of a couple of the popular artist from the 90s, like the sharp angled art in Battle Arena Toshinden. Gorgeous stuff. Those nipples are awesome. XD He gives his viewers a great body shiny body to view. I love the details in his super spiky hair. ^_^ Nintendo would be proud. :P


Hey Ad140! Great job on Icarus. He has such a nice round chest and sweet cock! Love the squint as he shoots that big load. He doesn't want to get any in his eyes does he? :P Those are some Massive balls too! WOW! Great glow on his arm ring. His leaves look really cool too. Thanks so much for doing this request. I am happy to hear MiOworks inspired you. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't keep the muscular version of him around as a power up state. Well..who knows what the future will bring?


PochPoch's fan art could not have come, or been designed better at this time in my life. Carlos giving a huge FUCK YOU to management! LOL. Truth be told all my managers were let go about a month ago. It's been hell ever since. This one goes to the one that was left and has no idea what they are doing. HA ha ha, thanks PochPoch! This Carlos will always have a very special place in my heart now! ^_^

PochPoch used Maduinshorns Carlos for inspiration. That's really great cause he used the electronics on his next Mario thought up and the cool wires as well. I really like the arrows on his shirt point to the nipple. Hee hee, lick here please! XD I really think it's awesome how he connected the metal in the front of the penis below the head like that. That's an awesome creative new design.
His Carlos is a big huggalbe soft teddy bear of a guy. His eyes are very dreamy!
Thanks Poch! :) Keep drawing and drawing man!

Check out his brand new blog here:


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Trip to Fan Expo 2010

Hey guys. I had a crazy long ass weekend. It started on Saturday at 6 pm and only ended a couple hours ago. From 8 am till 8 pm my oldest friend and I spent the entire day running around at Fan Expo 2010 as well as an event called Buskerfest. Today it was all you can eat day at the Toronto Blue Jays. Hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, peanuts and chips were consumed in large quantities. We lucked out and got 2 of the last free bobble heads as well. I can't recommend the all you can eat thing. They didn't offer up any good condiments, the popcorn had no butter and the nachos were lacking something with no peppers. They also screwed up our tickets and gave my buddy regular seats. (He is in a wheelchair.) It's not the first time the Blue Jays have done this. Back in 08, they gave us an entire seasons worth of regular seats instead of handicapped ones. Keep in mind he has to phone the Jays, talk to someone, who he talks to every year, who then pulls up his file and then after several phone calls and decisions makes a final purchase. They says something for the intellect of the people that work for the Jays.

Anyway, back to Saturday, we had gone to many of the Fan Expos since 2004. We skipped going last year, but when we went in 08 we noticed it was getting a lot busier. This year even with arriving at 8 am, we still had to lie up way around the block. In the past, the most we ever had to do was line up inside the building for 30-40 mins tops. It took us awhile to get in, but once in the building the lines moved fast.
Fan Expo is a big comic con like event held in Toronto at the end of summer every year. It features a comic, anime, horror, game and artist ally section. You can meet some celebrities and get autographs. Of note this year was Stan Lee and the artist of the Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter series. I didn't see either cause you had to pay a lot extra to see them. $35 admission was enough with my job on the line as it is. I met Elvyra a few years ago, that satisfied my celebrity meeting for life. ^_^

Celebrities and Celebrity items too. The original Batmobile was on display. Why doesn't Batman dance anymore?

R2, what did you do to 3PO? We got to meet the Star Wars artist Tom Hodges. He gave us some post cards.

Star Wars Dream; The Hoth Playset, I took these with Patrick in mind:

Let's get out of here Princess!

Typical Boss that Darth Vader. He sends his troops to freeze, while he takes in the rays of the double suns...

I found a really cool Star Wars wild life Field Guide book I wanted to get here as well. I got some Ewok post cards from an artist that just did an article on them.

So much boobage..I just had to buy one for a friend who is turning 30 this year. Even I wanted one of these. I think they're cute.

An African Luffy D. Monkey? WICKED! I really wish I had got this guy from the front. He was really well built. He was thin with a perfect chest, flat stomach and no abs. His actually hair was braided I think. I will be scouring the net for other images of him for sure. A Luffy like this sounds like a job for Ink-B! :P

For lunch we headed over to Buskerfest. We had fried Plantains and African Donuts. The grease leaked through the Styrofoam holder and all over my fingers..it was some damn greasy shit, but so good. We ate sweet corn, spaghetti and meat balls from the Spaghetti Factory and honey BBQ pork from a young brother and sister in a little cart.

Yep Donkey Cone is back and creepier then ever! What will you do with those Children DK? Speaking of Donkey Kong, they had a huge figure of him at a few booths that I was dying to buy, but it was $40.

Shadow Link! This guy was really nice. He had a sexy voice. ^o^ We meet him outside the skywalk after trying to get back into the convention from that entrance.
The convention got oversold and they wouldn't let people back into the building. People were lined up down the street. I was not about to willingly jump to the end of that line. I turned into instant Scrooge McDuck..I payed $35 for myself and my friend, every second we missed was money lost! LOL. We casually walked to the front of the line and pretty much just snuck back in after waiting 20 mins. My friend questioned what we would do if someone said something. I looked at him and said, 'These are the Ontarios biggest geeks...what are they gonna do?' Besides we were not half as bad as some of the others. We melded in. No one noticed us and we even made friends with the people in front and right behind us. There was a woman dressed as Bayonetta who used her sexy appeal to get to the very front of the line. He tech was letting desperate boys take her picture with her tits pressed against them to stand in front of them. We didn't leave again.
All the people stuck outside almost started a riot. Even the vendors were not allowed in. I told 2 guys where the VIP entrance was...no they did not take us with them as thanks. We heard a lot of people saying there was no way they were coming back next year after this. When we did get back in, it was not crowded like it was in the morning. In fact if anything it felt like there was a lot less people in the place from 4 pm onwards for whatever reason.

Marina from Reboot was my personal favorite. Here she stands at the very end of the line in a tunnel. :(

Cute Leon. I took this image just for Ink-B. :)

It's Doctor Jones!!! This was my friends favorite. I have to admit it is hard to choose between him and Marina for my personal fav the more I look at this.

My friend took this one, he loves Full Metal Alchemist. :P

Hee hee, this guy was totally straight. I think he got dared into wearing this get up. He helped me with my one Manga purchase of the day. I caught him as we were leaving and he kindly posed for this picture. My buddy took it and not wanting to take the image of a cross dresser his hands must have been shaking! XD

AH, the girl of my dreams, Ms. Pac-Man. The whole cast was running around the show.

This wonderful Mazinger Z and way too cool Goku models sets were two of the purchases I didn't make. I had to take this shot for FallenAngel. He actually owns the Mazinger! I know the store that sells them so if they still have them in stock I will go and pick them up when I get paid next. :P

The Model turns into a giant Fist! (Get your minds out of the gutter, I DO NOT want it for that.)

My friend playing Sin and Punishment. It's a game very similar to Space Harrier for Wii. I had to drag him away from this game. I played it and really liked it too. I would buy it for sure. They had a lot of games to play like the Tron Video game and some sort of Alien (movie) game, or simulator. I forgot all about going back to try it after we spent so much time figuring out how to get back in.

Zero! We actually saw a lot of People from Udon Crew. They said the Japanese Artist that did the new Mega Man Manga would be there to sign copies. When we got there at the time he was supposed to arrive at, he was not there. They told us to come back tomorrow. Oh well...

At the Udon Crew Table my friend made one very good point. When we first went to these things Udon had a ton of cheap prints, banner posters and life size pin ups of the characters for 30 and below. Now even for a small print they want $20. Some were not even printed on good quality paper. One of the things that attracted a lot of people to this event was the great deals you got on a lot of prints. It seemed like no one was selling much for under $20. Even small prints people wanted $10 for and I didn't see people diving in and purchasing like they used to.

Just some of the Swag:

Opitimas Prime print I got for my buddies 30th. Yep that is a BRAND NEW Darkwing Duck Comic and even a new Ducktales. (Reprinting stuff that only got ran in Europe.)

Chun Li and Ken PS2 Controllers I got for $12 each. I already own Ryu.

Darkstalkers Vol 2 for Leon signed by the artist. And a Gurren Lagaan Mousepad for my Buddy. (I wanted to keep it. cries.) XD

The greatest treasure I snagged. The entire John Carter of Mars collection by Marvel that ran from 1977-1979. The guy was really nice and gave it to me for $25. I have already been into them glancing at the glorious old school art. I found this just as we were making a final walk around. By pure luck it caught the corner of my eye as I was walking by. I smell future commissions....

Mooning Bart for my Buddy and a Zelda Manga for my Nephew.

Cool Ryu Poster. I remember the first time I figured out how to do the hadouken! They had Chun Li and Ken too. I kept thinking of how much Devilman would appreciate this kind of poser. :P

Batman group shot I got as a bonus for my Ryu poster. Love this. I had no idea there were that many Batgirls. Speaking of which there was a guy in a Cat Woman costume. It was the Tim Burton one, with a sexy..or not so sexy bulge... XD HE was not disturbing really. Since he modified the outfit to be for a dude. It was fairly sexy. The guy dressed as Plastic Man with his face in a permanent smile and his penis head clearly pushing against his tights was the scariest cos player I saw.

Free Assassins Creed poster from the Ubisoft booth. There was no Prince of Persia stuff that I could see. They had the Scott Pilgram game playing at least.

Some free posters. I got a Green Lantern one as well. The Dante image in the middle was done by an artist that had a really sexy Leon and Vampire Hunter D as well. He had a really nice blue pencil sketch of Andy, Joe and Terry from Fatal Fury. I wanted to buy this huge poster, but it was way too expensive and not colored in. It looked very much like the anime art. To be honest with you guys, I found the artist Ally a little lacking this year. There just wasn't that much that caught my eye.

Print my friend got. He also picked up a Final Fantasy 3 (6) one of a chick riding a knight, or something. XD

He got this huge ass Fate Stay Night Wall Scroll and bought me a Final Fantasy 7 one with the entire cast on it when my back was turned.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nude Nehme

FallenAngel showed a lot of interest in both Mayan characters by Lastmanouthere, so I requested him to take on Nehme. As usual I got a lot more then I expected! ^o^ He decided to let Nehme release his holy serpent. (Which is attracting the attention of another of it's kind in the background.) He's very proud too, it's rare to see him bare a carefree smile. One thing I found very cool was how in the sketch I could see the entire penis head under the foreskin. Fallen drew this to make sure the head had a good shape. You can see the top of the crown is where the wrinkles stop. As you can see his crown is huge. Fallen then went and added lots of wrinkles, making the skin look nice and thick instead of tight. Love that little tip poking out.
He followed Lastmanouthere and my design very well adding little differences and touches of his own on Nehmes outfit. He looks like he has let his hair grow a bit here. The large bangs are so big they almost look like sideburns. XD Really love that crazy arm with the small elbow. Reminds me of a bit of Han from Guardian Heroes.
Fallen loves his backgrounds. A stone statue, a beautiful temple and even a UFO!!!? LOL XD He was having way too much fun and I love him for it. It's an amazing piece. Thanks man.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little D and D FallenAngel Style

This is my latest commission from FallenAgnel. It's the Fighter and the Green magic user from Dungeons and Dragon from Capcom. We had a couple ideas in mind and we for the D'Raven clinging to the cavern ceiling while riding the huge cock of Crassus. Adding to the treasure trove was Fallens idea. LOL. I really love his take on Crassus, his skin is a perfect tan of dark orange. His blue eyes aglow with happy focus. His legs and balls are so huge and strong looking. I feel this is just the start of my request for him by Fallen. D'Raven is a sweet smooth twink with a wonderfully wrinkled foreskin.
Great work!

Speaking of mythical warriors, Zahn 2 just came out!!! WOO HOO!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fabulous Flinstones Conest Entries Cast Your Votes!

Hey guys! The Flintstones Contest got a whopping 12 Entries!!!! Here they are! Anything went in this contest so we have Male and Female characters! Thank you everyone for entering. A special thank you goes out to Jubell who provided 8 separate entries all based on the Cast Members from the 70's and 80's Pebbles and Bam Bam series of cartoons!
By Date of Entry:

Urbanmusiq with his OC's as Naughty Flintstones:

KidNova Presents Sexy Fred and Barney in A GAY OLD TIME:

JuBell Presents The Stars of the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show!

Demona with Naughty FRED!

Jubell Presents Moonrock Crater:

Jubell Presents Wiggy Rockstone:

Jubell Presents Penny Pillar:

Jubell Presents Cindy Curbstone (Pebbles Rival):

Jubell Presents Fabian Fabquartz:

Jubells Final: Freaky Frankenstone

Late Entry!!! Star Ringers George Jetson Man Of The Future:

WOO HOO! What a contest! Thank you everyone for your wonderful contributions! Best of luck to all. Remember you can vote for more then one entrant if you like. ^_^


Urbanmusiq Naughty Flinstones

20 (38%)

KidNova Gay Old Time

8 (19%)

Jubell Pebbles Flinstone

4 (11%)

Jubell Bamm Bamm Rubble

10 (27%)

Demona Naughty Fred

1 (2%)

Jubell Moonrock Crater

3 (8%)

Jubell Wiggy Rockstone

1 (2%)

Jubell Penny Pillar

2 (5%)

Jubell Cindy Curbstone (Pebbles Rival)

1 (2%)

Jubell Fabian Fabquartz (Cindy's jetsetting B/F)

5 (13%)

Jubell Freaky Frankenstone

10 (27%)

Star Ringers George Jetson Man Of The Future


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dune Mouse Travis by Ink-B

Hey guys, just a quick blog tonight. It's raining like mad here. It's been dark and dingy all day. So here is something to brighten up the night. I wanted Ink-B to do a commission of my Dune Mice bros for some time. It kept slipping my mind. Recently I sent him a few requests and he pointed out FallenAngels image of them and said he really wanted to take them on. He picked Travis. He worked on him with no food for hours he was so into it. By the end the poor guy was exhausted. :( From his undaunted efforts comes another Ink-B masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Ink seems to have really focused a lot on Travis's face. He sent me one version that needed slight tweak. When he sent me the final he had gone back and worked even harder on his face, perfecting it. The eyes are especially well done. Full of an animated glow. That smile would melt boys hearts like Cheese in a skillet. He added in the cool reflection as well. The see through palm leaf with all it's little details is breathtaking. I really like the build he gave Travis. He's bulky, with a soft touch to his skin. This kind of build is great for cuddling up with Pharaoh. He is strong, yet soft and inviting.... XD

Thanks Ink he is wonderful. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One more day till the Flinstones Contest

Just to let everyone know that the deadline for the contest is tomorrow, but you guys can continue to contribute till Sunday. So really the deadline is Sunday! XD Anyone needing extra time please let me know. The voting will be held on this blog, not on any other sites. I already have some amazing entries, so keep 'em coming. :)

You can find my e-mail here:

Contact DinosaurPrince

(Just click E-mail on the left side of the page.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mayan Influences #2...Darkness Rises

Lastmanouthere really got my mind running when he created that Mayan man meat Ixy KUK Recio , so I wanted to create a rival for his creation. Sadly despite years of watching the history channel, very little facts about Mayan culture, ever seemed to permanently penetrate my thick skull. I fear most of my brains easily accessible knowledge of South American mythology comes reading Uncle Scrooge stories.. XD Okay I exaggerate immensely, but I was in dire need of a refresher course on the subject. Researching proved to be a lot of fun.

My last month at work has been hell. Being left alone, I scrounged to find a few free moments to myself each day. One day while listening to 'Friends on the other side' I thought about Lastmans work in progress guy and started to sketch a greedy sly creature that would become my focus for the next couple of days. I gave him an unshaven look, large chin, sly lazy eyes and a bow tie of bone.

The next day, after being totally run down by requests, I took five and changed the character immensely. Everything kinda started to fall in to place. Maybe his was creation was the result of my mood at the time. Tired, angry and irritated, I craved rebellion and wanting freedom.

Tonight as a Deep Red Moon hangs just above the horizon, it is the perfect time to reveal the Lastmanouthere's Dark Priest Nehme, summoned from the darkness into our bizarre kingdom:

Thank goodness for Lastmanoutheres helping hand. I didn't even ask him to draw him. I was actually not sure at all about what I had created and showed it to him to see what he thought. I created only a few images of him. The differences in the two of the sketched versions of him, were not the greatest help since on looked much younger and like an underling with a similar outfit. A couple days after showing him, something was waiting in my inbox that made my jaw drop. Lastman took the images and expanded on them, adding a lot of Mayan/Aztec touches. This guy knows his stuff, let me tell you.

The bird hood was expanded upon by adding the circular decoration and feathers found in actual ceremonial outfits of the time. I love that, the feathers and ring added a much needed touch to him, giving him some more height and even more regal and powerful look. The bone decoration was given a necklace with snake eyes to support it and add a touch of evil to him. I can just see those things all focused on his latest customer, or victim...never waiving, always watching, terrifying the superstitious residence of the city.

At one point I thought about requesting he have a long thin nose like a model I found, but Lastman explained that these noses are not very common in the ancients and suggested giving him a more full nose instead. I like the nose, I find it adds a touch of maturity to his handsome face. He's not some young pretty boy. He is a tough as nails weather worn man of 30 after all. The long rectangular bangs and thin possibly greasy, strands of hair poking out are the perfect do for him. I imagine him as being very stressed and that hood has gotta be hot in that climate. I can see him constantly brushing his bangs out of his eyes and trying to keep them concealed under that beak.

The empty eyes was a great idea that made the bird mask look slightly disturbing. You are just waiting for those things to light up. The feather armor around the base of the mask and on his lower arm was all lastmans doing. Like I said the guy did a lot of research. We talked a lot about the colors we could use and decided to keep them subdued, which I think makes them look very strong and sturdy. They have a look about them that says they have been tested time and again against blades and worse. These he also added to the shield to give it a very traditional look. (Better protection too. Nehme doesn't take take short cuts when it comes to keeping his ass safe.)

I had a simple symbol of death on his belt buckle that was not too impressed with. I swear that boy can read my mind. He took a symbol from an Aztec Calendar and created the very complected kick ass symbol you see holding up his beautiful ceremonial sash instead. I wanted to draw peoples attention immediately to his crotch so we went with a bright red and yellow sash with a sun in the middle. The yellow flames were going to be white teeth, possibly of the great serpent devouring the sun, but we mutually decided flame looked a lot more becoming.
I think this is one of lastmans most defined bodies. From the earliest sketches I was drooling at the wonderfully defined abs, and hard as rock legs. He really teased me by showing the indent in the hips where the crotch sits poking up from behind the sash as well as giving a very slight glimpse of his massive balls...TEASE!!! I do not recall seeing him do this before and it had me trying to lift that loincloth in my mind. Should we request a full frontal one day? XD
I requested a darker redder skin then Ixy has. I wanted to help exemplify his vibrant life force. The perfect body and face is accompanied by two very strong hands..but as nice as they are all I can think about is me wrapping mine around that perfect body till tears of embarrassment and pain leak from Nehmes sexy eyes!
Thanks Lastmanout here!
You image got my imagination working overtime:

Character Description:

Nehme was once a warrior. He fought Nobly for his king. One day for reasons unknown to everyone he gave that life up and took up a different quest. Finding the he had the ability to conduct magic he took the power of the Abyss Eagle. He became a loner in pursuit of power and wealth. His fixation often lies on Ixys superior magic. His desire to be better then him, is only just stronger then the lust he resentfully holds for his enemy. (Who hardly knows he even exists.) He constantly does his best to outdo him in public displays and ceremonies. Most of which provide distraction so his three servants can attempt to obtain keys of Ixys power.
At night when his powers are greatest he dawns his claw gauntlet and takes to the streets commanding his gang of living puppets. Three wild creatures that exist only to do his bidding. His underlings are Naoume, Nee and Kee. Naoume is the largest of the group, a sultry female and self appointed leader of the trio. Kee is bird with explosive malfunction issues. Nee is a pygmy warrior, the muscle, who is very excitable and nervous.
Nehme is after the secret power and vast treasures of the ancient city Teotihuacan, said to have housed the power of a long forgotten Sun Goddess. With the power of the night and day he would be unstoppable..but is there more to his quest then just overshadowing his rival and living large as a ruler?

Nehme is in my mind a likable bad guy. He projects himself as obsessed with power and greed. He is truly boastful, conniving, and egotistical. He runs a priest for hire shop at the edge of the jungle. There for a minimal fee he will do all the regular duties of priest and guarantee a show unlike any other. He is not beyond showing you visions of your future as he pick pockets you. He would find nothing wrong with casting spells to summon demons to help avenge a tormented little sister get revenge on her brother by scaring him half to death. And if a young man wants a favor, he will only do it if they offer up a very special offering from their Phallus which he must extract himself. His magic is less then perfect and often enough explodes in his own face and rampages uncontrolled through the city.


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