Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for some truths...The Nightmare of dealing with Szadek. Commissioners are not powerless victems.

Well after being used and abused for a year it's about time I did a blog like this. I have been very quiet suffering in silence about the treatment from a lot of artists, but no more. I am sorry to those of you this will offend, I am sure this will scare some. Rest assured this won't be a regular thing. But life in commissions is not all sunshine and lollipops. I finally had it this week when I had to get a moderator to take down a private commission that was supposed to be a gift because the artists wanted to see how many favs he could rack up. (And I have the e-mail and IM to prove this.) It's great when you are trying to make something special for someone close to you, only to have to posted before you can say boo, then have your pleases fall on deaf ears. HA HA Ha...

But what is worse, what is WORSE is an artists that does his best to try to be your buddy, only when he needs, or wants something. Then he kicks you away the second he no longer needs you. Listening to lie, after lie, watching him snub friends and push work back and being told to relax at every turn. This is the case with the artist Szadek and had I listened to a friend, I never would have been in this mess. Taking down my Dimata Meets Zahn commission in retaliation was the final straw Juancho.

This all started with a commission I paid for over a year ago. A birthday gift that I was promised would be done by June. Now things didn't exactly go as planed. Not the worst thing in the world to be sure. But as the months went by the problems got worse and worse.. Everytime he could work on the image, he would blow me off to start a new PROMO and push my commission back even further.

My favorite times with Juancho were the wonderful periods of silence when he didn't like an idea. He wanted money and ideas, but he has some sort of social deficiency, oh yeah it's called ignorance. He was the first one I asked about Thundercats and Cam. I was rewarded with a half hour of silence till I changed the subject. This happened on countless occasions. I guess I should thank my lucky stars I was granted an audience with his royal highness, others were flat out ignored once he compared his skills to theirs. Yeah it's nice to talk to someone you admire and have them silently tell you to fuck off isn't it? It also looked great on me since I told the person how friendly Szadek was. Oh no...I didn't feel like a total piece of crap and want to bury my head in the sand.

Of course even going back to the Dimata image, he posted it on YG before I had a chance to look it over and refused to change Dimatas eyes. Don't ask me why...we were not fighting but it really pissed me off at the time. Other artists were talking for days about this. Why would you post before showing the person it was made for?

OK time moves on, he pushed everyones major commissons back and started a 30 day sketch a day thing. Well, this was actually pretty cool. I was first in line for this one.
I took 3 of his promo slots for dawing a day. I was nice, I chose Zorro from One Piece cause he told me he would love to draw a character from that series. It made his day. Then he did a few more images. He messed up Kentro and made him a Stegosaurus, but I rolled with it, made him a new OC and told Juancho to take heart and not worry about it. Keep moving on with his comms I said. Be strong. As a pal I wasn't going to complain. And I am still not. I heard from others how he messed up their comms, but they had no time to deal with his attitudes.

I took three more comms from him. And guess what? He couldn't get them done in time so he cancelled them. I never freaked out when he canx three of my comms. One was a gift..I apologized to the person and all was good. He had done a lot and I was understanding. I wasn't the only one of course. Life goes on.

This is where things got strange...he needed help with his Xoom and Paypal accounts. After not hearing from him for the longest time, he magically appeared and was all friendly. As the conversation progressed he dropped this little tidbit on me. OK, I can help...I lost $20 in the process and of course his response to me was I GUESS YOU WILL WANT A FREE SKETCH NOW. No Juancho, I did not. When I am genuinely being friendly to someone I am not looking for that, however your guilt was created because you were not genuine. Cause right after this he vanished again!

I watched him do promo after promo, commission after commission, hearing from the peanut gallery of artists and a gift awaiting friend for weeks. He would appear needing help, sites, refs and then finally ideas. I gave him some. Two to be exact. God help me I went in for all that RPG nonesnes. Loved the fact that he so hated to do OC's he charged $10 more for them. Oh yeah..that was another thing that made me feel great, since one, or two of the cancelled comms were my OCs. Nice barrier! NO, no one thought you were doing that on purpose to deter them. ROLLS EYES.

Then he went through his drama phase. He quit all his groups and started to take things down. I asked him why, cause I really liked his art and hell I liked him. He said it was cause he felt he was nothing and couldn't contribute anything. We had a long heart to heart. I really felt for the kid. I saw him in a different light, the one I saw when I first met him and we were working together. A gentle kind individual, humble and sweet. I thought things would be different from here on in. I could not have been more wrong. These were just his crocodile tears he loves to exhibit. Beware of this action if you commission him. In this case I later learned his leaving was once again because he felt above everyone else on Y!Gallery.

I picked Link and Gill with exact ideas. Jauncho didn't like this. Not one bit. Nope, Gill got thrown out and Link was messed right up. A month past their due date he showed up with his final blunder. Now This was it...after he practically begged for an idea, I gave him one and he didn't commit. He couldn't respect that and I asked him to fix it. His response to me was, YOU ARE NOT BETTER THEN OTHER COMMISSIONERS, I HAVE TOTAL CREATIVE CONTROL GET LOST. Me above others? OH hell no. Not when you cancel everything I want left right and center, try to be friendly to you, help you with your accounts and keep my mouth shut when you ignore my ass when I am trying to talk to you, not to mention defending your name to everyone that was calling you a pompous jerk. Well how the hell would I even know who your other commissioners are Juancho? You don't even list them on your blog. Yeah that makes people feel loved.

We talked a lot that morning. We made up. We moved on. I apologized cause, I was a beast and it was not nice at all of me to do that. I felt really bad. Little did I know the worst was still to come. Now he did make good and put Ken in the image....(To make up for the loss of Gil.) He also promised Bionic Commando, but he then told me that would be selling himself short. Hey, how about me selling my ideas short, giving them to someone that doesn't respect his customers wishes? Hmm..these are dreams and have the tools, but you lack the heart.

He had been telling me that he was going to have to get all his commission done before a certain date when he would be kicked out of his house and could no longer draw porn. Now..if that doesn't start a bit of anxiety I don't know what does. Lucky I didn't leak this fun tid bit out. Can you image the reactions of other people that were also waiting?

The pool party comm was next in line, but the dolt started ANOTHER sketch promo instead! (Which is 24 hour sketches and it always takes him months to get through these when it should take him a lot less, especially since he promises them in 24 hours.) I DIGRESS.

The day he did this, I found out he had blocked me on Yahoo. The person who was talking to him told me that. Which pissed my friend off cause he knows what Szadek is like. He told him off for me, saying that I had been very patient for over 8 months, yet you continue to avoid him and start promos etc. Oooooh I did not know what to say!!!! But he came and showed me the roughs after about 4 hours. Maybe it was the best thing? Kick him in the butt? I felt bad though.

Well one can't say he is all bad. He was feeling it for the wait and offered 5 free promo style images. One every Sunday! Just to keep my mouth shut. WOW! I was jumping. Well he gave me 2 sketches and I was happy. Very happy. I replied and thanked him, posted them up....he never replied. Like he was totally deaf to me, this lower life form. Then he went deaf for real, supposedly and like all good illnesses it cleared up the second he needed it too. Right when he no longer would owe me any more sketches. Ok fine..another disappointment. But that one was low...everyone said I was a sucker for believing in him. He destroyed my faith in him.

So the day comes when he finally finishes this mess. It's a coloured sketch, which is just great. I feel for that one..don't ask. That was supposed to be why Bionic was in the image, but he never made it, so I am officially ripped off. Anyone wants to clean this bad boy up I am offering. Juancho promised a variation with cum, that never showed up either. Then with out asking he posted it. I always let people post, but this was a birthday gift. He couldn't respect that. But as you just read he didn't respect anyone anytime anyway. To hurt me he took down the Zahn and Dimata commission. Well that was the now you have this consumer report. It might be a bit too personal to post. I am sure I look like an ogre to some of you. Believe it, or not I am leaving a lot out. This isn't the whole story cause I can't possibly remember every thing that pissed me off over a year. My apologies to those of you that will now lose respect for me.

Oh and the final little note, you're gonna love this...if you are an older fan, you might notice some missing art from Szadeks gallery and a journal as well...seems he left Y!Gallery after telling the site he was too good for it and he was drowning in a sea of mediocrity. Yes he's leagues above all the people there you know. He came crawling back when the world spat him back out and he needed some financial aid, not cause he loves his fans. This was the little bit of information I was told about and I should have listened too a year ago. But no, I had faith in someone that didn't deserve it.

Edit Szadek has been telling the world he apologized. He never did, he did however play dumb publicly when confronted about removing the one Commission. Stating he did not understand what was so upsetting and what ever he did he was sorry. Considering he knew exactly what he did, this also shows his true character.

THE FAKE, OH DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG APOLOGY. He has since taken down his journal to hide this.

About the Same time, he sent me a very rotten e-mail taunting me regarding the removal of the submission. Then he found this post. His immediate reaction was to do a journal to gather sympathy after realizing his assault backfired. Funny enough and confirmed by his friends, was his MSN had the message Manipulting Y and loving it during this time.


  1. OMG i can't believe someone can be so selfish!

    As an artist that do commissions, respect the customer must come first! You are an artist not a god, people doesn't beg you for art, THEY PAY YOU. I can't believe he done this to his customer, it's very low.

  2. It's unfortunate he treated you that way, considering how huge of a player you are in the commissioning scene. Disrespecting a client who has returned to you so many times is one of the worst things anyone can ever do.

    Interesting enough, from the first paragraph I was thinking this post would be about a different *COUGH* artist.

  3. Well, thanks for the warning. Not all artists are equal.

  4. I know exactly how you feel, man. We've talked about this a lot. He needs to change his way of doing things, because he has some immense talent but he was doing all this crap and causing you some severe grief. That's not cool at all.

    I know that if I'd ever commission him, I'd need proof that he wouldn't be like that ever again.

  5. that is really messed up, but it's not hard to believe. he seems to have a chip on his shoulder. you just need to take your money elsewhere. the artist has a right to say no to drawing certain things, but you can't play with people's emotions and lie. if you pay for a commish that wasn't what you asked, you have been ripped off.

  6. (sorry for my english)
    thats too bad... :s i understand you!... but i really don't know very good Szadeck

    I learn a lot of things reading this thx 4 share this :)

  7. I totally identify with you mate, it's really painfull when you are waiting for something from someone else and that person keeps delaying it and delaying it, telling you lies, and doing even sh!7!3r things.
    It really crushes all the thrust you have in that person.
    I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you again.

  8. Szadek totally didn't listen to what I wanted for my commissions, either. Not to mention, how long it took him to do 24 hour sketches did get pretty silly by the end of his promos.

    I've also had another artist agree to do a commission for me. After a few weeks, I bugged her and she showed me the 'initial' sketch and after that she just disappeared completely. Thankfully I hadn't paid her anything yet.

    This is another reason I'm not too big on commissioning people other than my own lack of money.

  9. I'm sorry for you that such a thing happened. I don't really know you, as I don't really know Szadeck (but globally, I like his work), but I think his attitude towards somebody who support his work is a bit... dumb. But as I don't know him, I dunno, maybe he had some good reasons...

  10. When you told me about this in the past, I never knew this had such an upsetting scenario behind. Now I understand why were you so upset when we first mentioned him.
    I do thing he does great art, but hearing the horrible kind of person he is, I don't think it is worth to watch or follow anymore. Specially after the "I'm sorry, however..." entry he posted.
    Brace yourself, buddy. There are lots of other girls and guys out here who respect you as a friend, and beyond whatever money you may give out.

  11. That sucks big time man. You are right to get angered at this situation.
    Talent got nothing to do with success when there's no kindness between.

  12. Interesting. I had a little issue with Szadek a year ago i think on Y! but the biggest disapoiting was when he left Y! I remember his post on his journal that he was too good and too talented to be drawing porn and that he didnt feel bad about leaving

    This aprt of commisions (and pretty much enything with money involved) is scary, not because of the money or the use of the dieas, but for the interaction with the artists/client o_o

    Hope he changes tougth....

  13. I want to say thank you to all of you for the many comments and the huge amount of support. I am sorry it took so long for me to respond.

    I was not shocked by all the private messages and e-mails I received that showed just low he would sink. Of particular interest were the many tales of his ignoring artists and using people over and over again. It nice to hear from the club owners that he abused people within certain clubs and this is why he may have been getting out of them.

    Crimson this guy doesn't respect his customers. Even from the Dimata commission, he wrote I gave him a vague description of the character, when I had as illustrated in this blog a fully developed OC even then. He went as far as to change the character to match what he wanted and my input was not respected.

    Thank you for the comment Jaytee, I agree I really was ripped off and he showed no remorse regarding this and still does not.
    He backed out of deal, plain and simple.

    Thanks Elf Word, it was actually hard for me at the end to deal with all this. At one point I just wanted to walk away, but luckily I have met a lot of nice people who came to my aid and this allowed me to move forward as fast as I could.

    Verun you are one of MANY people who this guy took for a ride. He's probably one of the most self centered artists on the scene.

    Yeah Lastman he tried to gather sympathy with a post full of crocodile tears, but the facts were set against him and it was interesting to see that other artists and members gave him a good scolding. I honestly thought this would hurt me more then him.

    Thanks A. Infernov. Yes I agree part of doing a commission is the interaction between the customer and the artist. Juancho has never and will never care about this factor.

    Devilman thank you so much for confirming that journal entry was indeed real. Again you seem to be among the norm, another person that he pissed off.

    1. Thank you for the warning. There are many people in the gay porn business just like Szadek and they are all around, not just in Y!.

      I have an account on Y!Gallery. Some know me as the "Nutella guy". Believe me, Szadek isn't the only artist who goes around like that.

      I think Prince's point is true and this is one of the many reasons many illustrators are now in Blogspot. Why be on Y!Gallery when they block your works the first day you submit them? It sounds just like those medieval movies, waiting for the queen's arse to move and wait for her approval.

      Juancho's/Szadek's art; I find it inspiring, but I never knew he would be the kind to do such a thing. I'm not justifying Juancho's/Szadek's asshole-ness, but he does strike us with amazing illustrations.

      I believe we can learn from this; our works and our actions will be better than Szadek's someday, with enough practice, exposure and experience.



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