Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300 Thundercats

Ok fine..you come up with witty Blog post titles.. XD Well at least I think I am pretty good at coming up with porn ideas. A few weeks ago I started to crave some King Leonidas from 300. He's so hot! Blame Urbanmusiq for pointing out the actor was in the Bounty Hunter and telling me he is the lead in Phantom of the Opera. I had no idea..then again, I didn't really pay attention to it much even though my mom and sister have watched it 300 times...
I wanted to do something really special with him. I had an idea rolling around in my head for a creature called a Nightmare. Human Clydesdale mix. Not a centaur but a 10 foot tall man with the legs and features of horse. OK so here is where I confess some geekyness that was long ago forced on me. My best friend loves Magic the Gathering. He bought me a Portal deck back around the turn of the century and I would play with him. (And ONLY him.) I always felt so nerdy, but I love to make stupid comments during it and make a big deal out every move. We wound up having a lot of laughs making fun of ourselves and the game. I have not played it in a long time. This Christmas he came over and played with myself and my nephew cause well, we were not having the best day. It really cheered us up. We felt like such geeks! XD
I love the black creatures and my favorite of all is a card called the Nightmare. It's a fiery demonic horse that is pretty strong. So that was a bit of the influence behind this character as well. I wrote Mario a long e-mail about the creature along with some horse images and an image of the card I found online. But we went for something a little different with the creature. The Nightmare card was more of an inspiration more then anything else. Mario took my idea and created a strong beautiful creature that was perfect from the start. Here is the sketch he sent me only an hour after I told him about the beast. XD

10 feet tall, the torso of a man, the legs of a wild Clydesdale, fire streams from his mane and tail, with pointed sharp nipples and a horse sized dick, the Nightmare of Sparta is ready to attack it' King. Another work of wicked Maduinshorn creation.

From here the idea came simply that Leonidas would have lost a battle and be getting rammed by the Nightmare. I had an idea that the shot would be a frontal view with Leonidas facing the viewer, but Mario had a much better idea. He made it so we could get a good look at the frames of both men. Freaking genius this guy is. To be honest with you guys, this image was so perfect from the start there is little point in showing the sketches. I can always upload them if you guys request it.

King Leonidas struggles to break free, trying to deny that the fact that he loves every thrust of the beasts mighty dick. He fights till the end, even as the cum pours like never before from his thick uncut dick. Now all he can think of is escape...where is that sword?

I love this super Bara version of the King. He has the perfect body and his skin tone is yummy! What a cool facial expression clenching his teeth like that. What I love is how stretched out his chest is as he struggles. It adds a lot to the image. You can feel him straining and wriggling to escape. The Nightmare is way cool with that huge freaking neck, smart ass smile and nipples that can poke your eyes out. Hmmm that gives me an idea.. XD Maduinshorn gave him that cool horse collar shackles that look so cool. That sly smile is so trying to tell Leon to grow up and just enjoy the ride. XD This is one of the most hard core scenes I have commissioned and it's done to perfection.

Maduinshorn was not the only one doing the great hero King. Since Sirio is the master of Gladiators I had to ask her to take him on and of course Caravaggia was also keen on colouring him! Here is is in a most epic pose, dropping a load on his shield...a spectacle for all time!

As Sirio Said, Cum for Sparta Fucker! XD

That CHEST! WOO! Sirio did such a wicked job on his body and face. He is so hot. In fact the image is so hot Caravaggia just had to do a fiery background. I tell you guys these two just keep getting better and better. This image was just a fun idea, but it's turned out to be one hell vision of passion. You can feel him cum rush out.

Speaking of Great Heroes, here is FallenAngels Conan. He did him based on the old movie pin up of Arnold and mixed in elements of the animated versions. He brought out his old colouring techniques to give him a lot of special attention. He really poured his heart into this, take a look! It's awesome:

The cool sketch, he redrew Conans head a bit. XD

Ok so this next image has a bit of history. Truth be told I wanted to do this pairing since last summer, actually before. I mentioned it to one artists who ignored me and another who's life went to hell and I so sadly just put in the back burner. To be honest I am pretty surprised no one has done anything like this yet, but I am very proud to present this image that Maduinshorn and I worked so hard on. Here for the first time ever Camil-Cat meets THE THUNDERCATS!

As Panthro enjoys his shower, Lion-O and Camili-Cat sneak into the a stall beside him. Lion-O wants to show his new friend a little trick he has learned. Cam looks in shock as his dick uncontrollably grows. Lion-O reaches over and gives him a hand job. Cam is speechless as he blindly reaches for the lord of the Thundercats cut dick. The two enjoy a each others strong hands and the gentle rubbing of their cock heads together, till finally they cum all over each others cocks. Panthro continues to wash and stroke his cock being none the wiser...

I have to thank Maduinshorn so much for all the hard work he did on this. Not only did he come up with an even more perfect set up then I had in mind, he gave each of the Thundercats his his own special touches. I love Pantrhos nose and face here! So much sexier then in the cartoon. XD
I had this idea that Cam would be standing facing the viewer, sweating with Lino-O standing behind him, thrusting the sword in his face and slyly jerking him off from behind. However with this pose we get to see much more of the boys bodies and we even get some light frot action. How genius is that? Maduishorns Cam was so hot I had to get him to draw him again. He is big and beautiful. Lion-O is so sexy and Panthro like I said is gorgeous. What a body. He had fun with the soap and finger placement on Panthro. Lino-O straddling Cams Leg is making me drip! And Cams hand on the wall shows he needs some support cause this is all too much. Maybe for second he thought of walking away, but he is too hypnotized. I hope you guys enjoy this Pairing of a lifetime. I could not be happy with the result, or the sweet artists that took the time to create this masterpiece.

No one has no soap on the cock, so you can get a better view! Blogger Bonus. XD

Thanks guys more to cum!!

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  1. 300 Thundercats? Wow I am totally gonna have an allergic reaction there. x_x lol kidding
    You know what, you make nerd porn! That's what you do. You give back to the fellow nerds with your mythological pen0r pics. haha!
    I personally didn't like 300 at all but I think you had some really talented artists and your brain bring some really nice results to the table! Good job, my sir! ^^



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