Saturday, April 10, 2010

FallenAngel brings the Musk Ox back as well As his Dimata.

Ah the winter days are coming to a close. It's still pretty cold here in Ontario, but not terrible. The sun is setting a bit later and the hot air is mixing with the cold causing violent winds. So as our annual ice age ends, let's take a look at a character that is emerging from it...

The character Holocene Toros was created some time after Dimata last year. I even took the time to write a bit of character bio. I am happy to announce due to the efforts of FallenAngel he is returning. In fact I might even have a series of ideas for him. I see from the Poll that there is a huge demand for Joey Comic. So much so that I have been working on characters to interact with Joey. So I hope to tackle that task after what I am currently doing.
For now here are the first two images of him by FallenAngel, it was really cool of him to not only take on the character, but to work on developing his horns, body and aspects of his characteristics away from the drawing table. He also did up some censored versions which was very cool of him.

Here is profile of a porn star! Ready once again for action! We changed his horns cause I totally messed them up last year. XD He kept his bad teenage mustache (He's 18) and at one point even had big 70's burns. I decided he should keep the beads in his hair. Really, we didn't fool much with the original Ink worked hard on.

Yeah..that keeps you warm! XD

A more recent sketch of him I did on Sai late one night.

From here we went for a the daring hero idea. I had talked about how I saw him as a guy that would love to be debonair. Fallen did a wonderful image of him failing to come to the rescue of Dimata. He swings into a scene where he may, or may not be needed, but his vine fails! Fallen had fun making a chibi Dimata who is embarrassed enough for the both of them. Still Holocene doesn't looks his pride even in the face of failure.

Anyone remember El Kabong?

Again with the censor. Cute very cute, but not much good to cover up when swinging is it? XD

The next image is very special for a couple reasons. Can you guess why? Well..I will tell you! This is actually the very FIRST pose I wanted to see Dimata and Zahn in. Fallen and I have a strong relationship, I enjoy giving him new ideas and ones that have fall to the wayside. I wanted to give him something special. I sadly did forget that Zahn was meant to be in this pose. So for those of you that might have been waiting to see this, my apologies. Don't worry another image can always appear in the future. I noticed some people looking for a Zahn and Dimata comic. Hee hee that would be cool.
Anyway now we have Ice-Man in the pose, it was great to see Fallen draw He-man again and it was even greater to see him take on Dimata after almost a year. He brought back that original creation he did based on my sketches combined his own unique design. He made him really tall and put that massive trunk back between his legs. He even Remembered that Dimatas foreskin doesn't pull back so well. I really love how absolutely adorable he made him. He is just so huggable! He man looks like if his cock head touches that massive thing he is gonna blow! Thanks fallenAngel this is one of your best images.

Dimata is so full of himself, but then who wouldn't be? FallenAngel loves tails, he got it in so nicely.

The rough before it went to colour, pretty sweet sketch.

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