Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonia by the Legend that is BlueVampyre

Just a quick post before I run to work! XD I got my commission from the great BlueVampyre today. Believe it or, not, Bluevampyre and I go way back! Long before I did any kind of commissions. So this was a real treat and a total pleasure to have him take on one of my boys. We picked Tonia and the results could not be more splendid! Bluevampyre asked me to rate him, so instead of my regular style, I am going to do just that. I hope this will help others decided to commission him!

Ooooooh Blue's super sexy Tonia lets the cool night air caress his loins, he's waiting for you...

Communication and Speed:

Communication was excellent, he kept in constant contact on MSN. I didn't have to worry about that. He's a very honest and friendly guy. He worked on the concept with me, not against me.
He Showed me line art and asked me how I felt about it. There was no changes, so I can't rate you on that of course. XD But that's also a plus.
So that gives him a total A+.

Speed was what? A little over a day? LOL! Lightning Fast! I commissioned this on Sunday and got it on Monday morning. A+++

Final Product:
Excellent shading, added own elements to image for coloring, added veins to body to show muscle tone, Take a look around his crotch and on his arms, never saw it done like this so he gets major props. The trademark Eye shine and hair shine make the character look very attractive and inviting. Tonia is a pure twinky, delight! The cock head is a perfect colour. His big nipples looks amazing and very likable. His swim trunks are his choice white ones, which shows BlueVampyre researched the other images, beyond what I showed him.

The lips on Tonia are very well done, they have a very soft tone and look like he keeps them well moistened. LOL. Seriously he would be a great kisser.
Tonias dinosaur parts got some great touches and the details are outstanding. The darken colour looks like it might be due to exposure to sunlight even, or to the ocean water. Very intriguing. ^_^ There's even a little bit of colour under his cock head to show the circumcision scar.


background is outstanding. Love the dark ocean, the sky is exactly what I had in mind, it gives the images a very cool feel to it. You get a sense of time and place here, the day has come to an end and Tonia is longing for some release. As any teenager would, his heart is racing as he tries to size his last chance of the day for love.

Sooooooo all in all A+
Very highly recommended! So much so that I took another slot! XD

Please check him out!

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  1. Oooh a total breakdown/critic review, I like that, my friend. :3 Even if the product is less than enjoyable (though this one is certainly not the case for you) it'll be nice to see what you took from the whole commission experience with that specific artist! ^^



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