Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ephorox Epic Lil' Deep Vs Rex!

Hey guys! It's 7 am, but I am dying to post this up! Ephorox just finished his newest commission and it's so epic, I couldn't sleep! I just had to ask him to do Lil'Deep again cause he did him so perfectly the first time. (I had many requests to see him do him once again as well as Dimata.) This time Lil'Deep is showing his true colours. Long ago it was decided that Lil'Deep was a character not to be trusted. An enslaver of men. He has caught the gallant straight warrior Rex and is holding him captive. He must endure Lil'Deeps constant passionate torture. The image is nothing less then spectacular. As Deeps creator Ink said, 'It's fantastic to see the return of Deep by Ephorox and the return to his monstrously huge cock.'

The Two Titans collide. Their trusts and vibrations rock the vary mountains. XD

Ephorox worked a lot of magic on Rex. He added some beautiful shiny eyes that show that the true character, as large and fierce as he is, is a kind, tormented being. Ink was aghast proclaiming he never thought Rex could be so sexy. XD He was given some wonderful hair. Hard to see here, he mixed dark grey and silver together, on the gorgeous chest (Which Deep can't keep his eyes off of) coating his strong chin and even along his head spikes with the same. Ephorox thought to include some shaved down stay silver hairs there, perhaps a result of hair loss and a sign of his age. Rex is out oldest character so far and Ephorox really did a great job salt and peppering him up.

Ephorox took the image to new heights with the tail to cock action. I had Rexs tail up beside Deep huge cock head and Ephorox took it one step more and decided to wrap more around the penis, rubbing the sensitive head and pulling on the foreskin, quickening Deeps release. Perhaps this strategy of using his tail where he cannot use his hands, is simply to make Deep cum faster so Rex can relax, or maybe, just maybe he is really enjoying this and wants to make his master cum. The cum is so thick and hot and the stream going over Deeps head is causing me to dribble! XD

Rexs expression of ecstasy is magnificent. The boys have a glow, which was Ink-B's and Ephoroxs idea. You can actually see Rex Reflected on Deep, something I did not expect at all. It shows Deeps skin is very smooth and fish like and honestly adds a lot of HEAT to the image. I never told Ephorox if Rex was cut, or uncut. For a bit I thought he would be cut and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see he chose an uncut penis for the warrior. It looks really sexy. Ha, Deeps Penis and head defiantly has an aquatic feel to its colour and texture. ^_^
It was great as well to see some leg fucking action. It's something you see rarely in porn, or in images. You need a really big dick and Ephorox made sure Deep was more then qualified for this act!

The whole image reminds me of the good old images of prehistoric creatures where they appear much larger then life. The beasts in these books tower over the landscape. Here the boys tower over the background rocks, that look like cliffs. All making for an image that drills itself prominently into your mind. It's even more evident in the great line art below:

The image actually caused a huge stir last night. (And before that the line art was getting huge responses from many people.) As we were going over the final details and brush ups, Ink-B got really inspired. He ask me what character I would love to see a quick sketch of. I picked Imanno! LOL. He worked like lightning and created this image in appreciation. In 30 mins if that he had this to show, Imanno standing like swordsmen with two dildos in hand ready for action! I love those moist lips, wonderful smile and huge pink penis head! What a sweetheart Ink-B is!
Imanno is so hot, who could resist his charms, especially when captivated by Ink. I wonder if that one dildo is modeled after Kayxon? ^_^ Thanks man!


  1. Well I do tend to repeat myself... don't I? I don't care, I'll say it again. I love his sketches. XD There is just something so nice about them. His lines are so slick. But the colors have their own special appeal too, like a painting. Professional, yo. Nice showcase here. ^^

  2. thx very mutch :):):)



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