Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play with me? Out of this World Art by Baralust and Caravaggia!

Some time ago Baralust told me he needed to gather funds for a new pen for his tablet. I wanted to help him out, but I needed an idea. I did come up with a few ideas to start, but I wanted to give him something special also. I sat down at my Wii and started to play the game Ristar. Well...the idea didn't exactly take a long time to hit me. Who else, but a fellow Sega fan would I ask to take this one on? XD I knew he would give him a great muscular body and Huge cock! Ristar's gotta be hung!!! XD LOL. Bet he can stretch it to the sky! Baralust went even further then what I gave for a description. He added cool Star pasties on his nipples and over his belly button! LOL He's a Stripper Star! XD

Years have passed and Ristar has grown to be a great hero!

Baralust kept with the colour scheme already in place. I love the yellow cut penis head. XD very cute! The whole cock is very Fillion like. Lots of great details, huge balls and a strong thick shaft. Just wonderful! I love how he changed the runners to big ass boots! HOT...hee hee. I am gonna make a wish... XD You get bonus points if you can figure out where that background is from. SEGA!!! Thanks Baralust, this is one very creative and sexy image.

Next up we have more outer space fun! Nova and his now named mate Nibiru are going at it under a purple night sky. This is one of my favorite images ever from Caravaggia. I just love the way she drew Nibiru. She is all culry, with big lips and wild hair that has a life of it's own. Caravaggia was the first person to ever take on Nova and it's so great to see her take him on again. He's evolved a bit since then and Caravaggia has made him super buff in reaction to that!!! WOW. I have to admit I was really surprised by this new form. He's so sexy!!! I think this is the biggest beefcake she has ever done. He has an excellent frame. She increased the length of his curly dreads as well. Another tip of the hat to her original vision of him, built on and expanded to new heights. :)

I can't believe how wonderful the background to this image is. The moon, with all the details, the night sky full of starts and the pyramids with the stars at the tips. As much imagination and passion went into it as the characters occupying the foreground. She really wanted to go all out for me and it warms my heart.

She even did a insert-less version. I hope you guys enjoy it! XD

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