Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday FallenAngel Pare! XD

Ok been hanging the Filipino boys way too much! LOL. Yeah FallenAngel just turned another year Wiser. So in celebration I did my best to get some artists together to give him a birthday he won't soon forget. I had very short notice so I want to give a special thank you to everyone created an image for him and to those that are still working on images.

His favorite character is Koji Kabuto from the legendary Go Nagai series Mazinger Z.
So he was in for a real treat and so are all of you! Rocket Punch!

Sirio is also a huge Go Nagai fan and just loves Koji too! This commission was real pleasure for Sirio to do. I think he has a perfectly cute face and great body. The boots just had to stay on! XD So very shy, tender and sexy!!!! I love the background cause it reminds me of an 80's birthday card. Very fitting and nostalgically perfect for this character. Why to touch our childhood! Thanks you Sirio san!

Caravaggia did koji in her style, making him very Asian looking. This is one unique Koji. His eyes are beautiful. The dark colours and energetic background are perfect for a character trapped in the worlds of Go Nagai. I love that huge tube cock she gave him! XD You know you are hungry when... :P

FallenAngel loves woman big time, just take a look at his hentai foundary gallery. So when I saw the clip below on Youtube, even I wanted to see Maduinshorn take on Lori...dang she is FINE! (Yeah I am still gay..but hey I'm not blind!) Maduinshorn gave him an extremely romantic image. Like something for a 90's porn! And I mean that with the greatest respect. Koji is super buff! WOO! Even I would lose it between those big boobs! LOL...ok enough of that! Thanks Maduinshorn, you rock beyond words!

INk-B wanted to show off Kojis sexy buns! Come get your birthday gift Fallen! XD He gave the hero a wonderful angelic white outline, emphasizing the characters riotous spirit and pure heart. He has a wonderful face with such full lips. The light blue background with fine white lights and the mirage like view of Mazinger Z itself all made this look like the last moments of a perfect dream....I hope Fallen gets a test ride before he wakes up! So stunning as usual Inky! ^_^

The awesome Raul of the Rainbowboys created this perfect Koji! He has a build and a face right out of the anime series. He has such a wonderful expression! He's so full of himself! LOL. Perfect! And that thick cock, deep dark penis head, tightly pulled back foreskin and shiny balls you just want to pleasure this naughty boy for hours on end and gobble down all his thick love pudding.. XD
Thanks Raul! It was an honor to commission you again. ^_^

FallenAngel has a great love of Kentucky Friend Chicken..he loves to be bad and chow down on it when ever he can! Ah, a man after my own heart! Hee hee. I have such a weakness for junk food too. So it looks like Koji has gotten into his birthday dinner. You can have some too Fallen, but only after that little rascal is done. (Better go make another order...) This super cute image was done today by Demona. She let me watch her do it and I was shocked at how fast it was done. She worked like lightening to get it done in time for her friend. Bows to the Queen of Chibis!

Jacy-J came right in at the finish line with her Japanese Adonis! Based on the OVA series her Koji sports a sexy bulging speedo and a swimmers build that will have FallenAngel falling to his knees to worship his hero. He has a gift in his hand, it's so mysterious, like it is between dimensions...I wonder what it is? Only Fallen and Jacy know for sure! XD
Thanks Jacy he is so dreamy and yummy. I love how you put his side burns hovering above his face with a shadow under them. That's really sexy! Love how his hair is waving in the sea breeze and his cool gaze.

There are two more images coming...they will be added soon! ^_^


  1. Yaynes this are really impresive comish xD
    Peronally, i also love Koji Kabuto and all similar characters, Go Nagai characters are overall soo hot (male and female xD)
    My favorite is the Maduinshorn image *_*

  2. Sweeet ! It's so cool to see all these pics of the same character in different styles ! Love it ! Gonna do my blog tonight because it's also my best friend's birthday today and I have something for her too.

  3. Wow, all great art!! INK-B and Jacy-J pics are my favorite! ^O^

  4. Seriously sweet to see all the diff styles! Awesome commissions and Happy Birthday to Fallen too! You're such a sweetie to do this ^^

  5. Thank you guys for these wonderful and droolie gifts, thanks also to you, Dinosaurprince, pare! :D - Fallen



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