Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cray's Capcom Shower Complete!

Hey everyone I have such exciting news! HA HA HA, ok so it's not like anyone would know this, but long ago, like from early last summer, I was giving Tomas (Cray) some commission ideas and an idea for a shower scene featuring my favorite Capcom Men came up. He was very interested in doing the image. We went ahead with the second Kid Icarus picture, then life happened. Tomas got busy, things kept coming up and a scene with 5 guys is brutal as I am learning from more then one source. XD But communication with Tomas is always strong. He would e-mail me updates from time to time and when little changes needed to be made (There was like one in all honesty) they were done right away. No fuss! XD

Anyway after many moons I am extremely proud to share the image and the making of it as well.

After a long work out Cody and Ryu head to the shower. They stop just outside the entrance. They are pleasantly surprised to see Ken and Guy checking each other out. Ken is jerking his huge cut cock below the head, daring Guy to play with his as well. Guy raises an eyebrow and begins to pull on his Asian rod. He thumbs his foreskin up and down the head. Meanwhile Cody gets full hard. Ryu notices, grabs his friend by the shoulder and starts to pull down his pants. Cody's huge cut member springs forth. His gaze never leaves the scene in front of them as he reaches into Ryus pants to release his cock. Rikuo gets the feeling something is up and slowly turns to see the amazing scene unfolding right behind him. What happens next? XD Maybe Tomas and I will work on that!

This is with out a doubt Tomases Master Piece. 5 Stunning guys with perfect skin tones and wonderful shading. All nice and tanned! WOO! I loved his Rikuo so much I had to beg for another image showing off his perfect buns and flaccid penis. He's so sexy!!! MELTS! XD There is so much here to comment on. I love Kens face and full lips. (Tomas is awesome with lips.) The way he his hair rests on his shoulder is perfectly sensual. He is also amazing at doing cut dicks. Just check out the big heads busting from the shafts with the circumcision details. Just wonderful! :)
Guy was given a huge chest to match his Alpha model. Tomas came up with the thumb on top of the penis concept and to me it gives Guy the view that he is really teasing Ken. He is in complete control, but could allow himself to cum at any time. He is totally into Ken's advances. You can just see these two moving together and docking in about a second from now. The figures feel like they are gravitating towards them when you focus on them for a second. ^_^

Guy with his sweat stained shirt, soaked so much that the viewer can see his chest and nipples perfectly is done so well. You can feel the heat between Ryu and him as Ryu Embraces Cody from behind. There is something very wonderfully 80's about that shirt that echos the time when these men were first created. I like the stubble on Codys chin! Great touch! And Ryu with that expression, looks like he is gonna gobble up Cody and nothing is gonna stop him! XD I think Ryu just fell in love! LOL

Thank you so very much Tomas. It was so good to see this completed and to watch you, one of the first people that made me feel welcome into this world work on such a great image. Always an honor! :)

Here we have some of the making of images!

Getting right from the start, Ryu inspects Cody. This was done a separate page then the other guys, which allowed Tomas more freedom. Gotta love that details on Ryus hair. ^_^

Done last Fall, a wonderful vision of things to come. Tomas went back and tweaked Guy slightly, he is still very hot here too! Check out Rikuos gaze!

Ready to colour, Guy gets a bit of a makeover by Tomas that included cuter eyebrows, more stylized hair and some rippling muscles and is looking splendid.

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  1. Heh, that took quite long ! But in the end, it's the kind of projects you're proud to complete. 5 guys, that's a blast indeed ! ^^



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