Monday, December 19, 2011

The Walking Dead: Shane and Rick's Post Apocalyptic LUST

I have to say I wasn't the worlds biggest fan of the Walking Dead when it started. I scoffed at the premise of a 2 hour zombie movie having the staying power for a weekly TV show. Over time the show really grew on me. This half season might not have been the most exciting, but it certainly had it's moments. One of those being the walk in the woods talk between Rick and Shane. I kept thinking that Rick was getting a bit hot during that talk. It wouldn't surprise me if he thought about Shanes conquests while masturbating. :P Then came that most random of moments when Shane got his cock grabbed in the car.
"YOU WANT IT? COME GET IT!" He says..omg as a friend of mine put it, instant boner! XD And of course that got me thinking how much hotter it would have been had Rick been the one overcome with lust. So while thinking of a nice little Christmas gift for my friends at Class Comics, recreating this scene came to mind right away. I contacted Urbanmusiq and instead of doing a commission he took it on as a request, a little Christmas gift for me and the good folks at Class Comics. :D That was super nice of him. I was MISERABLY sick at this point and the news really picked me up. In fact I had a very hard time sleeping that night, due to the anticipation. He sent me a little e-mail telling me to expect something big in my inbox when I woke up. :P My little Santa De Leon. XD Well as promised there was indeed something big in my box upon waking up. Urbanmusiq had captured both Rick and Shane masterfully. They have never looked so sexy. Dang, in fact I have to say all the art here makes them look much sexier then in the show. (No offense to the actors, both are very hot, but let's face it, running around in a dying world, doesn't give much chance to pretty yourself up.)
Ricks got back and Shane, well DAMN...that's all I can say. XD I really like the lighter hair tone on Rick and the way Urbans facial hair has a sweet pattern too it. It's almost festive in and of itself. Very striking. And yeah to make Shane even more of an American bad boy, we left him intact and cut Rick. Shane has some shiny porcelain looking muscles. Those things are like fine china. Love em!!! There's a lot of passion here. It's like Rick is so overwhelmed at this unbelievable opportunity to fulfill his life long dream, he shuts his eyes as he grabs on to his buddies uncut dick for the first time. Maybe it's too get the full feel of that dick, or maybe he's afraid that he will awake out of this wonderful dream and back into the hellish nightmare he has lived every day since his coma. Thanks Urbanmusiq for the super hot image! :D

Remember when Shane told Andrea that nothing distracts him while shooting? He always hits that target? Well looks like he is gonna hit two targets at once thanks to the hard work of FallenAngel. :P

Yes we are totally putting Shane Walsh to the test here. ^O^ FallenaAngel took the characters the anime route and came up with something more then I was expecting. He not only gave the characters wonderful designs, he took my simple concept and really expanded on it. I like the contrast between his version of Shane being very bara , with his hard nipple and thick short cock and thin tight bunned effeminate Rick. :P Fallen added some sexy stubble to both men. Yummy.
What really gives the piece such mood is the sheer amount of horror in the piece. The zombies in the front, the lipless thing trying to break through the wall, the horror who's eyes are splattering everywhere and the only walker in existence to smile trapped at Ricks feet. All of them have a very classic anime horror feel, with the blood and features that remind me of art in early Resident Evil art, along with many mangas like Parasite and comedy manga as well. Great job Fallen!

The last image, is actually by the first artist I asked about doing a Walking Dead Piece. Caravaggia is also a huge fan of the show and who better to ask then a fan? :D She really gave it her all. I have to commend her on her capturing the feel of a true horror comic in her first attempt at the piece. I had an idea that Rick was spying on Shane having a bath at the lake, but then a Walker sneaked up on him! In the struggle the zombie pulled his pants off and made him fall down. This totally exposed his hard on! Shayne hearing the commotion, shot the walker with his shot gun in the head, ending it's terror! Shayne then goes to offer Rick a hand up, wearing nothing but his shot gun on his back and his boots! :P Of course Shane is very excited to see Rick too and well, the rest writes itself.

You may reconize the zombie there from some of FallenAngels works. My guess is that he wasn't exactly after flesh in the same was as the geeks are. XD I was astonished by the details, I mean the picture looks like it should be the cover of Marvels Young Indiana Jones, Xenozoic Tales, or Tales from the Crypt. Caravaggia has an uncanny skill for adapting various art styles and applying them to her own works. And she does this all by hand! As cool as it is, in the end, I couldn't help, but yearn for something more traditional. I was very smitten by her recent art works and was hopping that she would apply the same skills there as here. I was dying to see her put her classic sexy Caravaggia charms into Rick and Shane. Caravaggia is a total pro and offered to do the piece in her traditional style as well with out any hesitation. Well, I appreciated that a lot and did my best to to show it, despite being told it was necessary. Now way was I gonna let such a huge favor go unrewarded. ;) Caravaggia rocks!

Not only did she redo the image, she added so much to it. An orange sunrise, perfect for that Halloween feel, glittering light on the shot gun, blushing bum cheeks on the zombie and more. The coloring technique she used has shading that I dare say rivals anything she has done prior. This techique of using colour-holds really makes the characters come to life. The skin looks fantastic. The piece reminds me of Jacob Motts work. (I had to have that technique explained to me lol) I was really glad that she not only did the piece again she pushed the limits of her style and produced such an outstanding picture in the process.

I realize he's the worlds biggest asshole, (probably quite literally given the low population) but in real life Jon Bernthal is such a cutie. :P


  1. I was a major fan of the Walking Dead comic book series when it came out...(I don't know how many years ago, before the decades mid-point at least) and loved it.

    I can't remember the characters names anymore (when I stopped reading it was in complete disgust with Kirkman. He'd run the main character into the ground so hard I couldn't see him being the "hero" or backbone of the group ever again. It was too much) but I remember my fav character being that asian guy.

    So cute and optimistic. I even thought that the fact that he didn't want to have sex every 3 minutes was cute (what with the dead bodies and mayhem all around) later on.

    I've heard that the show is taking things much slower and in same cases changing thing completely which sounds neat.

    I'd get into it but >.<
    Ugh! Robert Kirkman burned me so bad.

    But the images are really awesome! You brought together quite a glittering assemblage.

  2. ^_^ surprisinlgy local channel wont have that except maybe on cables... Maybe a new story that zombies appeared and they didnt crave for brains..their hard boner saids it all? LOL*- FallenAngel

  3. Hmmm FallenAngel, this show can be very hard core. I think only specialty stations play it. As for your country, I wouldn't be surprised if they disallowed playing it on TV.

  4. Jubell, I have to agree 100% with you. I got interested in the comic early on. Mostly I read about it online and was fortunate enough to come across some copies here and there. By the time the show had started I wasn't really paying close attention to it anymore. BUT what you bring up is one of the reasons why I didn't think it would work that well on TV. I have to say that I too am glad they have taken such an alternate route. As a friend of mine has said, to him this is the Definitive Walking Dead and cares nothing for the comic.
    I hope they can keep Rick a solid hero character. The new episodes have not been the most exciting, but I thought they did a great job at least of fleshing him out.
    I too love the Asian character Glenn the best. I am starting to really like the hick character as well. He's growing on me a lot.

  5. I really love how detailed is Fallen's picture, so much to see ! And Leon's version of Rick is really nice, he looks like a 100% good guy for once ! ^^ We all did a great job ! ;)



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