Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Dat Black Tiger Ass Is So Inspiring!

Black Tiger is a kinda forgotten Game from Capcom. It's like Magic Sword and probably could be consider the first of Capcoms arcade action RPG styles games. (Totally guessing that.) Anyway, it's a great little title and I do recommend at least giving it a try. The other day Guytoonist was talking to me about the game and reminded me just how sexy the Barbarian hero is. (I always assumed Black Tiger was his name.) The advertising for the game showed so much perfect man butt it's crazy! God, I love those old video game adds with sexy musclemen. Sigh...what happened to those? He's a very interesting character with his metallic dreadlocks, face concealing horned helmet and ball and chain weapon. (Morning star whip?)

I asked FallenAngel to help by tribute to Black Tiger. Knowing his love and wonderful art of the Magic Sword and King of Dragons series, I figured he would enjoy taking this character on as well. He did a magnificent job. The character looks very formidable swinging his ball and chain again with ease some 24 years later. ;P He even found a cool way to include his metal dreads. I love it when Fallen does barbarians. It just gets my juices flowing. :P One day we will have to go for a butt shot! XD This guy needs some penetration!

Here is a look of the advertising created for the game, enjoy!

Now that's a video game add! :D


  1. Surprisingly old games came to US shore sometimes gets some "alter" ver of its artwork, some good *Boris Vallejo* some are down right HORRIBLE Rockman covers gawd!...the only new interesting CAPCOM yummies would be Street Fighter 4 Abel, why? he got nice bulging thats why!- Fallen :D

  2. That is so fascinating! Apparently you can get for the PSP....hmmm...

  3. The Capcom collections are definitely worth checking out Jubell.

    Yeah we got a good mix of covers back in the day FallenAngel. Sometimes we got some amazing work. Too bad they didn't keep the original Mega Man art back then. They had it in magazines, stickers and the booklets. Very strange. Glad things have changed.



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