Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mashall Copeland Pin up By MLM4anemone

Hey guys. Long time no post. Well I am going to break that dead streak with some super hot art from MLM4Anemone. He opened up his traditional commissions and I got first in line. :P It's always fun to commission him. He works so fast and always delivers such a sexy picture. I really wanted him to take on Marshall and see him apply his cool fantasy anime art style to the hero. He has a sorta Kingdom Hearts looks. (I think Sora had a slight influence on me while creating Marshall back in 2005.) MLM4anemone's rendition of him has got such cute eyes, a sweet cut dick and really nice abs. That tank top fits very snugly on him, but still looks comfy.
Awesome job MlM thanks so much!
If you are looking for a commission his shop is still open. You can check him out thru the link below.

1 comment:

  1. MlM4 got it well and nicely enjoying his coloring style great work! - FallenAngel



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