Saturday, September 16, 2017

Riding A Cool Cock

Hey guys!  Sorry for the hiatus between posts.  Busy few weeks honestly.  I have been working on several ideas and watching artists give them there all, in the time I have been silent.  We have some very exciting projects coming!  Speaking of cumming (bad pun) we have this extraordinary image from FallenAngel today!  For Patrick Fillions birthday we wanted to pair Dimata with Zahn once again.  I asked Fallen to have Zahn riding Dimatas cock, but, not in the way you and he certainly first thought. Nope...with a Cock as big as Dimatas even a fully grown, beefy boy like Zahn could comfortably sit on it.  Sit and bounce actually.  The more he made it bounce, the harder both he and it got.  Zahn grasped the shaft for balance. His hands quickly began to be used for much more than simple balance. Dimata found himself getting jerked off in three places: At his base by Zahns strong legs, under his head by Zahns soft palms and in the middle by the son of winters clenching cheeks!  It wasn't long before this winter nights ride ended in spurts of semen on the snow!


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