Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bithday Surprises from FallenAngel and Zerimar!

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I got some really sweet gifts from my friends. I am going to start posting them a couple at a time for you guys. ^_^ I have been secretly hording most of these for weeks now. My precious...XD The first image was a big surprise, it's from my dear friend Zerimar. He has gotten back into the spirit of drawing and drew three mutual favorite prehistoric hunks, Joe, Mac and Master Higgins from Adventure Island! :D So, so cute and awesome it was, to receive this.

Hee hee I love how firmly Joe is grabbing Higgins sexy moobs. XD Joe exploring his chunky tummy as well as what lies below, it is very inciting. ^_^ Looks like Mac is having a slight wardrobe malfunction. That's always welcome on this blog. The characters are so sweet and lovable, almost as much as the artist himself. I was amazed that Zerimar got an actual game background into the image. It's one of my favorites from the game too. Thanks again Zerimar for such a fun and sexy gift. I felt like I was back in high school all day. If only I could travel to a place like this, that would make for the best birthday ever! LOL!

The next image I have to share is a super sweet pin up of Tyrell by FallenAngel. You might remember him from our Titty Fuck hentai we did back in February. Tyrell has remained a favorite character of ours and we are currently exploring new ideas for him. Here he is offering me up some chocolate buns for my birthday! Those things do shine so well in the early summer sun don't they? XD Love that big thick uncut dick swinging between his legs. Fallen did an amazing job coloring his smooth, masculine body. Beautiful toning. If I could join him, I don't know how long this session would last! XD hee hee.

Thanks guys!


  1. 2 Weeks ago?! I don't even recall O.o (then again...I don't even recall what I, myself, was doing 2 weeks ago).

    Okay, so next year you'll skip being older, and instead get a year younger and then I'll be on time to wish you a happy birthday.

    (I think that'd work...maybe?)

    1. Thanks! I remember you wished me a Happy Birthday 2 weeks ago! ^_^ I wish I could skip a few years!!!

  2. ^_^ nyo! Glad you like our gifts :D

  3. Oh uh... D: It's been so long since I've talked to you that I never got the memo. :C Still I hope you had a happy birthday ! <3



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