Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pi Patel Sails Past Prehistoric Paradise By FallenAngel

This week I finally got to watch all over Life of Pi, a movie I had been dying to see since I first saw a preview last year. I was unable to see it in the theater and I really regret that.  It was a perfect movie to watch during the summer time. I found it to be a totally enchanting adventure.  It may not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it a lot.  It's one of those movies you walk away from feeling like you partook in the adventure yourself.
There's no Pi and Richard Parker Bath toys, or anything fun to purchase merchandise wise in relation to the movie, so I decided to instead request some fan art.  FallenAngel stepped up to bat.  He hadn't seen the movie, but he was ready to try to capture some of the magic, he had heard about from friends and family in his style.  I basically instructed to do the poster of the movie, but with Pi and Richard in opposite positions.  I suggested doing a giant fish, or whale in the background.  All I really wanted was to see how Fallen would anime Pi up.  I wasn't expecting Lil Deep to Cameo so perfectly and elegantly into the image! XD Deep has never been draw so gracefully!  pffffffffft....Looks like when hit by the waters of Prehistoric Paradise, Pi not only regains his strength, he muscles up quite a bit too! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dusting the Relics

 Golden buns sizzling in da sun.

Recently Marshall found himself in need of an temporary assistant when good ol' Drill came down with a very nasty stomach flu.  Marshall accepted the application of Twinkish Tonia, an expert desert dweller from Prehistoric Paradise.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) for Marshall, Tonia can't keep his mind on his work.  He would much rather explore the dust filled crevasse on Marshalls posterior, then any old Egyptian relic. 
Tonia might not be a very good worker, but FallenAngel certainly is! He jam packed this image with so many little Easter eggs, even I missed some of them!  Can you find them all? ^_^  Thanks so much for such a fun image Fallen. I simply gave him the setting and he came up with the rest for this image. 

What the boys hope to find...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Warm Bodies: R's Lonely Jerk Off Sessions By FallenAngel and Caravaggia

Back when Warm Bodies came out in the theaters, my life was too upside down to go see it.  Of course, even if I was able, none of my buddies wanted to see it and I certainly wasn't going in to a zombie movie alone.  (I had to pull teeth just get my friends to see Zombieland with me.)  A few weeks ago a friend of mine, knowing I had wanted to see it so bad, gave me a copy of the film as a gift.  Now the movie isn't perfect, but dang, I loved the heck out of this odd ball Romeo and Juliet story.   Perhaps my strong feelings for it were caused by three years of waiting for the Walking Dead to develop into something beyond what it started off as.  To give us some sort of goal, or at the very least, handle it's cast of characters with a lot more consistent care and respect then the writers have been.  In the movies short running time, I found characters I actually cared about! There were empathetical zombies.  There was a rare look into the mid set of a zombie and the possible evolutions of the zombies themselves, both good and bad.  Nicholas Hoults performance of the zombie R was very charming.  For those wondering, this isn't your typical zombie movie. It's not full of gore and people making stupid decisions every two seconds.  It's a light hearted horror/romance/comedy.  So if regular zombie movies aren't your thing you might want to check this out. It has more in line with a Tim Burton style of movie like Edward Scissorhands then it does to say Night of the Living Dead.
R is a young man that can't remember anything about his past, but for some reason is starting to think for himself once again.  Despite his ability to think, he is for the most part, still trapped by the behaviors of his zombie curse.  He's conflicted.  He wants more out of life, but is unable to do much of anything to fight against his hungry nature.  If he loses hope, all he knows all is lost.   Thing is, he doesn't have much to hope for, that is until one day when he meets his beloved Julie....

One of the things that inspired me from the movie was how R was still able to observe and enjoy certain things in the world.  (Maybe this ability was gained as time passed. I think the film leaves that up to your imagination to decide.)  I kindly asked the artists Caravaggia and FallenAngel to create some sexy zombie art.  Caravaggia is something of a gay zombie queen at this point and even FallenAngel has dealt in undead hentai.  He has worked with his own special zombie girl in the past, so I knew my ideas were in very good clammy hands.   
I hope you all enjoy our little selection of undead hotness...

R walks the empty streets day after day. One day he comes across the ruins of an old gay book store.  The store was ransacked years ago.  All that remains in the store front is an old standee of Ghostboy from Class Comics.  R has never seen this vision of masculinity before.  He is overcome with emotion.  His member suddenly fills with blood, stretching and creaking as it starts to come back to life.  It bursts through his rotted jeans.  R, to the shock of the other zombies is unable to control himself. He jerks off feverishly, looking deep into the cardboard cut outs eyes.  He sprays an icky, thick shower of zombie cum all over the store window time and again, until he can cum no more.
Inside the store, R discovers a rich collection of very familiar images.  He ignores the signs and enjoys himself for days.  After he is done, he gathers the sticky books up to take back to his home for...further analysis....
The real R would probably be very confused by our porning him up.
Then again.....
I always like to collect stuff based on movies I like.  The days of every movie seemingly getting merchandise is long over.  There was so little for this movie, I didn't even bother to start. The one thing I might have bought, were the dolls. I mean, I would have, if they weren't insanely expensive that is.  Who buys $200 dolls?  Don't answer that, I already know.  Lucky people..

Okay R, we will keep your true gay nature a secret... ;P


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