Saturday, February 24, 2018

Amron's Polynesian Orgy By Sirio

Good morning everyone.  Today we have a little something of a birthday gift send to Leon De Leon recently.  He had been talking about wild orgies with hot Polynesian men being one of his ultimate fantasies.  That got me thinking.  We couldn't really picture HIM with those men, but why not his OC Amron?  Sirio once again took up the torch. We had TONS of fun finding images.  Sirio  had a ball going over them and picking out decorative pieces she liked best.  I had even more fun watching her put these boys together!  I think of all three my favourite HAS to be the musician with the bouncy man breasts...He might have to come back for an encore.  Maybe make him a regular friend of Vanns!

While researching men for this piece, Google got Samoan and Hawaiian also mixed into the search results.  So we wound up with a little more diversity than first planned.  That was okay though, Leon didn't mind that it lead to the creation of three new hot warrior men.  Men that find nothing more satisfying than making sweet love to Amron!

I hope you guys enjoy this hot island scene, posted in the dead of winter!  I think it got warmer outside all of a sudden.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Devilman Crybaby: Akiras Wet Dream Done Right

In the new series Devilman Crybaby, fans of sexy Akira are given a real treat, when one episodes opens with him having a wet dream.  His raging demonic teenage hormones,  fill his dreams with beautiful woman to fuck as his demon self.  We wakes up to a very erotic surprise.  If you haven't seen it, here is how it went below. I would post a video, but we all know how long those things last online...

Okay so I will give the show props for showing one of animes most famous charcters orgasm spattered on his hand and on the wall.  BUT...why not go a step further?  They had already shown people doing it in orgies and teased us with a still image of his giant bulge, after he first returned to human form.  They even have his classmates discussing how big it is!  So why not give us a glimpse of the tragic heroes dick?

Well don't worry, cause your old buddies Dinosaurprince and Sirio have you covered.  (Maybe that is you stuck in the ceiling below. Nah, it's snoopy Ryo.)  We decided to take inspiration from the 90s OVA, as well as work with the idea that since he is dreaming he is Devilman, Akira should be at least half turned.  Gotta get those classic sexy legs, cool tail and clawed hands in there, you know!

I hope this helps full fill  a few wish lists!  Huge thanks to Sirio for drawing a character we both hold in high praise!  She did a super erotic job!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Horny Year Of The Dog

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!  Happy Year Of The DOG!  I think we all know that my favourite animale is Spot from Class Comics.  So I says to FallenAngel about a week ago, that we just gotta get an image of Patrick Fillions Mandog done to ring in the lunar new year.  FallenAngel obliged and really went to town.  I suggested a pose and plush puppy.  I knew he would love designing the costume and he did such a great job.  Thank goodness Spot is keeping those fireworks held high!  All that is missing are the red pockets. Maybe they are hidden on the other side of his cock head, tucked into that super tight foreskin.  The might be deep in his ass and only a little fisting will release them!  Whatever the case may be, FallenAngel and I wish you a day full of good fortune and year full of wonders!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Give It To Me Daddy

Hey guys!  Are you as snowed in as I am?  Hasn't stopped here since Friday.  Well I have something to warm your bodies up.  Sweet hot chocolate from Sirio chan!  Oh man, Class Comics The Legacy #2 REALLY inspired me.  I went nuts over the encore pairing of Emil and his son Byon (with Felix along for the ride too.)  Damn!  How much so?  Well, let's just say that in the coming weeks there will be a few more like what we have below!  For this image, I imagined Byron convincing his dad after their vacation, that he needs a little check up.  Just to be sure everything is working right.  See if maybe his dad got any powers from all that seaweed!

 Sirio did a wicked job on this, even giving Emil a circumcision scar.  (Which lead to even more dialogue then I first anticipated.)  I love it when she draws the Durand men so much! ha ha ha!  The art really got me going, so I decided to add in the dialogue I had in mind, plus some extra.  Byrons eyes tell a thousand stories, but I only had room for a few sentences. ;)  Below you can see a bit of the creative process.  I hope you guys like it and will check out the new book drawn by Tomas Cray! I am sure to do a mini review of it in the next post!


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