Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witching Hour Halloween Post 2012!

The Pumpkins have moved into the living room.  Their glow has created the perfect atmosphere for me to do this final Halloween post of 2012.  To end the season, I have images by FallenAngel and MiOworks.  The image by MiOworks is part of a little holiday gift for FallenAngel.   Fallen does so very much for so many people, myself included I wanted to get him a treat in the form of his trick Oni.  His Oni is so cute. MiOworks certainly has crated a super version of him.  This is the second time MiO has drawn Belvadar and Jasper and dare I say, they look even hotter this time?  Love how stylish Jaspers hair is!

In this piece I call Too Scared To Make A Move, Belvadar and Oni have just met for the first time at Halloween Party.  They are both very interested in each other.  They are sitting at opposite sides of a couch.  Their strong feelings have them acting all shy and bashful, like teenagers.  Neither of them is about to make the first move.  They keep their gazes off each other, but do so for too long.  Jasper has been watching.  He sees his chance. So, he sneaks up through the Jack-O-Lantern and starts giving each guys uncut cock a cold handed hand job!  Each guy thinks it's the other one working their dick.  Will they keep their gazes off each other till completion, or will they turn and scream in terror at what is truly going on? :P   Expertly drawn by MiOworks, I really hope you enjoy this fun and SEXY holiday image of his!

Never look away on Halloween! 

Now here is something spooky!  Before FallenAngel saw the image that MiOworks drew, I asked him to draw up any kind of Halloween image he would like to for the blog.  He drew this FANTASTIC image of Dinosaur Prince and Jasper on Halloween day.  LOL I love the costume.  That hoodie looks great on Dinosaur Prince! (Fallen was hinting hoodies would soon be in fashion to me.)  And Jasper is wicked, all flirty! XD hee hee...but..what is this? Jaspers cock is in the same sort of position as in MiOworks image!!!! Do like minds all think alike?  Is this just a coincidence?  OR...are some sort of Halloween Spirits to blame for this?  Pencils possessed on Halloween? O__O 

Moving on to other scary things.....

Good Lord! Jacko The Halloweener is real and ...and he's waiting for you in the barn! O__O

The scariest thing I have seen since FallenAngels Grinner! RUN! The ultimate gay horror costume, right here. 

Okay, how about something a little more pleasant to end the day?  :P 

Good Night out there, what ever you are!!!!!
Eat some candy for me! ;P

Camili-Cat and Spots Halloween Adventure!

This is the night I was created for...
Cause This is the night they be giving out so many good things to eat....
Well here is some candy for the eyes.  A lot of you have probably already seen this.  This is the second image that made it into the Class Comics Halloween Meaty book, that I had a hand in.   It was actually just a fun image that I commissioned from Skyboy16 on a whim.  Patrick and Fraser both liked the idea so much, they asked to include it in the book.  (Which was awesome!)   Skyboy16 aka Gene Lightfoot does an amazing job capturing Cam and Spot as Garfield and Odie from Garfield's Halloween Adventure. (My favorite Halloween Special by the way.)    We basically posed Camili-Cat and Spot as they are on the cover of the book. :P  With some extras features of course. XD

All this Garfield stuff got me looking up a lot of things from my Childhood.  Halloween is the prefect time to decorate using everyones favorite vegetarian Vampire Count Duckula! I found these on E-Bay.  They would be perfect in my Halloween town display. :D

Here is some assorted Halloween fun I collected over the year. :D

Anyone else remember these treat bags? 

Little me wore this Pac-Man costume in grade 1. :P  

Do they even make these plastic costumes anymore? 

Speaking of Vampires, you know I was kinda surprised that no one used Patricks original Boytoons Vampire in the meaty. Maybe next year. 

  Guys I gotta cut this short.  There is something TERRIBLY wrong with blogger and google tonight.  I have another Halloween post and I pray it will still be working when I post it later tonight.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting PUMPED for Halloween.

Hey guys! Right in time for Halloween is an encore image from FeralElf of Belvadar.  After his last masterpiece he took on Bel two more times.  This is the first completed image.  Bevladar is getting pumped up with Pumpkins. pffft.  He's not fooling anyone, those hallow things can't be that heavy.  He better not fool around too much.  It takes real muscles to lift all those heavy bags of candy.  (Especially this year with the horrible winds and rain from Franksenstorm.)

 Belvadar pumps two two ways at once! :P

 Here is a cool alternate with some very different looking wings.  They are more arm like then his usual style.  They kinda remind of spider legs, which gives me a very demonic idea....

 I hope this image has got you excited for Halloween tomorrow! It's only a little while away now.  And I still have more Halloween art to share!!!!
I got this idea while watching a Daffy Duck cartoon, so here is a Halloween Classic featuring Daffy Duck and Dr. Jerkyl!  Enjoy!

Getting More Then The Halloween Decorations Up!

It wouldn't be Halloween around here without our original Halloween mascots, Mr. Crow and Mr. Scarecrow drawn by FallenAngel.   Here they are getting the decorations ready.  The sight of Mr. Scarecrows bum right in his face was too irresistible for Mr. Crow!  I hope you guys have someone to snuggle up with this Halloween.  ^__^  Look at all those nice Jack-Lanterns.  I still have 2 pumpkins to carve!

After many years of using the same character design,  I decided that I would like to try to redesign Mr. Crow a bit.  So, hopefully I will get started on that soon. :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Space Cadets Halloween Howl Comic!

It's a dark and stormy night here, as Frankenstorm looms over us. The perfect weather for revealing a little piece of epicness that Sirio, Fallen and I have been working on for a little while now.This is the first time Sirio and I collaborated on a comic together and it was FUCKING AWESOME working with her.  She works so fast and her art is so lively and sexy.  Everyone knows Sirio does some hot black dudes. We have seen her draw Cauldron and Class Comics Gladiator, but never Byron the Space Cadet. He looks fabulous!!

This actually started out as a possible piece for the Halloween Meaty book. It was just one image at that stage. It was of Byron confused as a werewolf. Spot was howling at the site of Werewolf cadet, but not through his mouth. We had his foreskin comically letting lose the howl. XD Sirio and I really liked the idea of Byron as a werewolf, so agreed that we needed to make this into a short comic. We wanted to take our time and since we had a less then a week before it would be due when we started, we decided not to push the quality to make it for the book. Working with my sketches she and came up with so many fun poses and expressions. We had the entire piece completed when we decided to add some text to the adventure.  That is when FallenAngel came in and lent a hand.  Working with his script we added even more fun! And that's pretty much it. After that we sent it off to Patrick and Fraser and got so many kind words sent our way. I hope you guys enjoyed the comic as much as we did making it!

LOL this is how I tested the hair style, after trying to draw it. XD

Want more Werewolf fun? Check out this classic episode from the Fred and Barney show! Happy Halloween everyone! More Halloween fun to come! :P

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Ultimate Gay Halloween Books Are Here, Class Comics Halloween Meaty #3!

Since September I have had the honor of working on the first book to actually publish work that I co-created.  It was an exciting time.  I got to help so many people.  Gathering e-mails, sending communication back and forth to various artists with questions about the project, sending ideas out and watching people work with the greatest of joy on their various creations.  It was an experience like no other.  The artists enthusiasms proved to be a shining light in the Jack-O-Lantern of my life, as I struggled with a new job. Their happiness and excitement kept this project going strong.  Of course I am talking about Class Comics Meaty #3 The Halloween Meaty! The book got so big it got split into 2 volumes.  A Trick Edition and a Treat Edition.  I myself helped produced two images that made it to the books.  Today and tomorrow I will show you a preview of each of them.  The first one I did with my bosom buddy, FallenAngel.  Our image made it into the Trick Edition. 

Byron the Space Cadet is getting a little Revenge on Jacko the Halloweener after last years attack.    He's being made to keep his word and help Cadet prepare for his Halloween party.  Seems he shouldn't have made a promise he might not be able to keep. To see what exactly is going on, please pick up a copy of the book!  And yes, that is our Chef Cadet from the Game and Watch Parody! XD

Here is another little blog exclusive, sneak peek! From the amazing mind of Aneros we have Camili-Cat dressed up very brilliantly for Halloween.  He's hiding behind the unsold pumpkins having a good time with a friend.  This is one of my top 10 images of the books.  It not only captures the characters so well, it has such a neat idea behind it.  Along with this Aneros's art brother Guytoonist also contributed to the book. He's created a big beefy Franken-Cam that just has to been to believe.  Another in my top 10.  The art gives the people at Magic the Gathering who do all those great black mana cards a run for their money!  Aneros is found in the Trick Edition, Guytoonist is found in the Treat one. 

Let me tell you, it does the heart good to see a friend make the cover of a book! MioWorks Naked Justice with his little pumpkins is awesome. You can see a much clearer version of it in the book. 

Mr. Adonix brings us Halloween 70s style with his Franken-Disco!!  He was so naughty. He kept showing me this with a large piece of tattered cloth over Discos dick! :P  Discos dark body is brilliantly illuminated by his creepy disco ball.  I want one of those!  That pumpkin in the front freaks me out!!! LOL!  It's a stylish edition to the book.  Disco needs more love like this!

Our lovely Raul of the Rainbow Boys and Norm (Who has worked on Camili-Cat stories in the past) bring forth two images that capture the classic feel of Halloween. Like two post cards lost from decades ago, they echo a time when Halloween art was so very classy.  This is what Halloween used to be all about. :)

Another of my personal favorites, was LuckySanfords cute and so cartoony Cowboy Cadet! He's so happy! Ha ha ha. Love this. I think it's his best piece ever. 

This stylish art of Diemos by Rubo was given out as a Wal-paper to Class Comics Subscribers. 

 The great Gigan goes all out with 5 character celebration for the holiday! Totally amazing no? :D

Halloween in a farmers field...truly capturing the old school feel of the holiday! :D

 Caravaggia has sweets in both the Trick and Treat Editions of the book.  She produced 3 images total, including this full comics page!!!  It was exciting to Stephy and Spot together!  A preview of things to come from Class no doubt! Centaur Lovers HAVE to check the books out for her Strider image alone!!!

 Logan fans are in for a super treat.  The king of buff men produced a short comic for book featuring everyones favorite demon Deimos and Jacko!  It's freaking HAWT! 

 LOL Inmomakuro gives us a deeper look into this image of Flammer and Zahn in the book.  So nice to see Flammer get some love.

Eric Mars created on heck of a creepy epic piece.  LOVE The tones here.  So wonderful and creative.  Green Jacko rocks!

 Our Buddies at Pokyrum created some sweet work for the book.  Two men enjoying Lollipops! XD

 Ah, the story behind this piece...First off Rub created 3 explosive pieces for the book.  This one almost didn't make it, but after cries from fans (cough myself included) and Patrick Fillion himself, Rub gave the image a some brilliant colors and submitted to the book.  So awesome to see Cadet and Naked Justice together again! :D 

So who else is in the book who is regularly featured on Dinosaurprince's Kingdom?
Let's see, there is my bro CrimsonBlood who drew the lovers Diablo and Ghostboy out Trick, or Treating.  There's Karolux who produced 2 hot images for the books.  Cray, who once again displays his awesome graphic novel style on a piece featuring Mako Finn.  Leon De Leon created two stunning works.  Our Urbanmusiq brings the most happy and handsome Diemos as a vampire, as well as a tribute piece to last years Halloween Stripshow that Patrick drew of Ghostboy meeting Jacko.  Absolutbleu, provides some ass ramming action.  Adras (Yelmo around these parts.) has Zahn kneeling in a haunted forest for your viewing pleasure.  Baralust provides a big beefy Deimos in peril!
Our old buddy Demona drew a stunning Glow worm in the pumpkin patch! (it's so nice!!)  Ephorox has Mako Finn getting in trouble for playing Halloween tricks at the pool! Pfffft!  Gene Lightfoot, aka Skyboy worked with me as well as created a piece of his own for the book.  (More on that soon!) Icemanblue created an uncut Diablo that is very beefy! O__O He be working out this holiday.  IvanHorny has Peter meeting with Jacko again, but Jacko has a TRICK up his sleeve. Oh my... XD  Kerainen was one of the first people to give me a little preview of his work for the book.  In his awesome image Trip is about to learn his lesson for telling scary stories on All Hallows Eve! :P MTCopyright, aka 1320 has Cam all witchy for the holiday!
Dear sweet Sirio drew a whole 2 page comic for the book.  You gotta see this one.  Demon meets demon!!  She and I just completed another Halloween project we will be revealing here soon as well!  Ulysses rendered up some devilish fun for the book. Hydaria created one heck of a spooky piece that was double usage in both books as the inside cover and featured in the other! Last, but not least we have WTJohn with Jacko chilling in the pumpkin patch after a night of fun!

I feel like the guy at the end of the Tazmania theme song.   

Have we left anyone out??

Oh yeah, let's not forget about Patrick Fillion! He has lots of new and old art to share in the book as well! LOL! There's Zombies, his first publicly drawn image of GlowWorm, Diablo, a very interesting Cam, Locus and more!  All the Class regulars are here.  Jacob Mott provides a full comic page and more.  Joseph Hawk created one of the most interesting images, as he takes on a very graphic new style for the book.  (It's a really funny and sexy piece.)  Anthony Gonzalez is here doing some amazing things with pencils and Zahn. Gotta be one of my personal favs of the book. Bob Grey, Illustrator of Space Cadet #1 returns with an awesome image of  Deimos.  Hotcha did a hardcore sex piece.  Even Robert Fraser got in the act with what turned out to be my favorite piece in the book! LOL! You have to see what he created!!! I want one so bad! XD
There's just too many artists to mention in one post.  You owe it to yourself to check out the two books from Class.  You're bound to discover some new talents and will have a great time seeing what your favorites have created. I don't think there has ever been anything created like this in the gay art community and I am very proud to have been a part of it!  The best treat this Halloween is something very MEATY! :P


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