Monday, October 29, 2012

Space Cadets Halloween Howl Comic!

It's a dark and stormy night here, as Frankenstorm looms over us. The perfect weather for revealing a little piece of epicness that Sirio, Fallen and I have been working on for a little while now.This is the first time Sirio and I collaborated on a comic together and it was FUCKING AWESOME working with her.  She works so fast and her art is so lively and sexy.  Everyone knows Sirio does some hot black dudes. We have seen her draw Cauldron and Class Comics Gladiator, but never Byron the Space Cadet. He looks fabulous!!

This actually started out as a possible piece for the Halloween Meaty book. It was just one image at that stage. It was of Byron confused as a werewolf. Spot was howling at the site of Werewolf cadet, but not through his mouth. We had his foreskin comically letting lose the howl. XD Sirio and I really liked the idea of Byron as a werewolf, so agreed that we needed to make this into a short comic. We wanted to take our time and since we had a less then a week before it would be due when we started, we decided not to push the quality to make it for the book. Working with my sketches she and came up with so many fun poses and expressions. We had the entire piece completed when we decided to add some text to the adventure.  That is when FallenAngel came in and lent a hand.  Working with his script we added even more fun! And that's pretty much it. After that we sent it off to Patrick and Fraser and got so many kind words sent our way. I hope you guys enjoyed the comic as much as we did making it!

LOL this is how I tested the hair style, after trying to draw it. XD

Want more Werewolf fun? Check out this classic episode from the Fred and Barney show! Happy Halloween everyone! More Halloween fun to come! :P


  1. This is awesome!! I love the concept and the characters you used! My dick would howl too lol



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