Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Muscle Stud Belvadar By FeralElf

Tonight thanks to FeralElf, our boyee Belvadar is just chillin' on da moon. He's had a long hard night of tricks and treats and now he's gonna enjoy the fruits of his labors. He's really been working out thanks to FeralElf. His skin is so tight and muscular is just shimmers in moon light. I am surprised the moon can hold this massive beefcake bat boy up! This has got to be FeralElfs most brilliant piece to date.  The lighting effects are just too beautiful.  I am super stoked to present this Halloween Hunk tonight!

Forget the caramel apple, let me take a bite out of him instead.  
Love how happy that Jack-O-Lantern looks. XD

Here is the sketch that started it all. The one beside was original part of a panel for Belvadar Ghostly Halloween Comic that was posted back in June.


  1. Nice HOT art by FeralElf yummy! That sketch is classic, but does give new idea, Jasper as Sadako XD

  2. My pants are soaking wet with you know what ;)



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