Thursday, October 4, 2012

JD Jerks Off On Jack-O-Lanterns

The image I proudly present today was a gift for Guytoonist I asked the artists of Pockyrum to create for him.   I gave Pockyrum freedom of pose with this as long as we got to see the most important post. ;P  I could not be more happy and spellbound by the results. The exquisite Halloween flavor they gave this is as tasty as the creamy treat that JD himself is enjoying. The style of Pockyrums fits perfectly into creating a piece that echos Halloween greeting cards of old

That Pumpkin below him could not look happier! Hee hee. 

JD turned out to be one beautiful, beefy boy toy. His arms and legs just scream for you to cuddle against them. His facial features really make him look like he's from the Jersey shore! Pockyrum captured his egotistical Jersey egotism through a pose that shows he's very much confident in himself. He's looking very life like here, almost as if he could jump off the page. Now that would be a Halloween treat!


  1. I'm impress on his tone coloring very realistic it makes JD more yummy you know , great work!

  2. I would buy this one if it were available



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