Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Caravaggia 2012

Last Friday was Caravaggias birthday.  I was well prepared for it, as I had asked some artists in late September if they would like to do something for her with me.  I picked a few of her sexiest new guys and let the artists decided who they would enjoy drawing most for her special day.  The result are the breathtaking images below.  I think it's really funny that Quetzalcoatl got picked by Leon De Leon (Urbanmusiq) and Sirio, because you can consider this to be her 'end of the world' birthday. :P  We got one heck of an outstanding pin up of Maat by FallenAngel.  From his soft lips to his hard thick dick, he's gotta be one of the sexiest fan arts he has ever done.  A caramel god indeed.  We have the giant in your face pecs of a Mayan God by Sirio. You can just imagine bowing at his feet, then suddenly being tickled on the chin by his feathered tail.  Opening your eyes you look up at the sight of his dangling uncut cock and glorious body, that's just waiting for you to service him!
 Finally there is Leons glorious Quetzalcoatl, who's hot bust and torso, wrapped nicely by the tail, give the image the look of a sexy collectors card.  (Our boys on cards would be much more stimulating then Magic the Gathering.) He's so laid back and relaxed.  You just want to cuddle him.  Oh to play with that wild untamable hair.  Now that would be a birthday gift I could only dream of giving. XD


You can see more images of these characters on Caravaggias blog:

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