Sunday, October 14, 2012

The New GhostBoy And The 'Hidden' Art of Patrick Fillion! :O

Among the many images I pick up online, every so often one comes along that inspires something.  Originally when I found the images below, I was just going to post them and point how how much the model looks like the beloved GhostBoy of Class Comics fame.  Then I thought, why not just create a character inspired by the images? XD  So today FallenAngel and I proudly present a new character created by us, it's Ghost Boys Side Kick; Multo Boy the Asian Ghost Boy from the Philippines. 

Halloween just got a little sweeter for Peter! ;D

Here are the images that inspired his creation! Just try to tell me the photographer wasn't going for the GhostBoy look! XD

That's about as Naked as I could find him.

Even I took a quick stab at him! ;P Where are his ballz???? XD

All this talk of GhostBoy is gonna get Diablo jealous. hee hee.  So, let's move on to that  'hidden' picture by Patrick Fillion.    I think it's a beautiful piece that many people are simply not aware of, so I decided to post it here tonight. You see, the only place you will find this is on the web site that it was made for.  I have never asked about it, so I can only assume is a commissioned piece by Patrick Fillion made specifically for it's background.  The problem is that, depending on your resolution, the image is cam be almost completely hidden.  Even on higher resolutions it still suffers from some major cover ups.   The fact that what most people see are a few pieces of the full image, may confuse some.  I know the first time I saw it, I assumed it was just a collage various pieces I could find elsewhere.  I assume a lot of people think this.  It was only until I tried to save it one day, that I realized just how remarkable and original it is. 

I'm not sure when it was made, as there is not date, nor is there a signature on it.   For the most part all the characters seem original, except for 3.  One is most obvious and that would be Diablo. (Though it could also very well be Incubus.)  The other two are both found at the bottom   left and right.  The one on the right looks a little like Captain Jung, while the one of the left, massaging his big full peck, looks very much like Zack from Initiation.  All the men are really hot, but my favorite is that Angel.  He and Diablo are looking very friendly towards each other.  I know it was done just for the sake of the image, but I think it would be awesome if he somehow found his way into the Diablo and GhostBoy stories.  Some old friend of Diablo, that has similar powers, or as an actual Angel.



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