Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have You Met Acamas?

 A few weeks ago I got some major sneak peeks of FallenAngels new character named Acamas.  I was beyond totally blown away. Today when FallenAngel showed me this great image of him fighting dinosaurs, I just had to post it here and share it with you guys.

Acamas has become pretty huge, very quickly, in the erotic art community.  FallenAngel brought back a dream from his college years, to entertain a new generation of gay and straight art lovers alike! Check out the links below to see Acamas return in a stunning display of masculinity and heroics. I wonder what new adventures he will have? With the amazing set already on display on Fallens Blog, the future looks promising for this once long forgotten Original Character!


  1. I saw him earlier when FallenAngel posted the first pics. Great to see more of him!



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