Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloweekend Midnight Post Belvadars Gots A Bag of Tricks N Treats From Rubensum

Halloweekend 2012 was already off to an amazing start with Caravaggias wild threesome.  I had no idea the amount of art I would get to share with you guys, that came in tonight.  We move now from the sands of Egypt to a moonlight graveyard in Europe.  This is where Rubensum  has Belvadar meeting his own original character Zeik for some hot Halloween suck and fuck action.  Bevladar has a very adult trick, or treat bag that will ensure this is a night that Zeik will never forget!

From Rubensum:
@_@ I am just about halloween-ed out and its not even 31st yet...!

a gift for [icon=Dinosaurprince] who has been a great support to many artists here, and is always super enthusiastic and full of naughty ideas and inspiration!

As I can't thank you in person, I'll let Zeik show you my appreciation :drool:

 This is wicked ass cool. The wings on Belvadar; translucent in the moonlight are so glorious. Rubs given us a very cool take on Belvadar. He looks very mature and manly.  He has eyes are covered in shadow from his eyebrows, but hidden in the shadow, there is a soft, kindness to them still.  His black outline, no longer solid where it meets his white skin, is now spotty in many places.  His hair is shorter, but very stylish, much like his younger days.  Looking at those scratches, it could be that things got a little rough.  Zeik may have been captured, at least a first, forced into this, probably before he figured out what exactly Belvadar was. Thanks so much Rub for this wild image!


  1. Oh yeah baby :D its hot damn good!

  2. Tried to post this a while ago, but blogger doesn't seem to work well in mobile lately, so...

    I MUST SAY, this is one of the coolest pieces I've seen lately in the blog! (and that's a lot to say, given the great amount of wonderful artists showcased here!)

    Seriously, thanks to both the artist and DP for giving us such a great halloween pic :D Congrats guys!

    1. Thanks Gerry! Yeah Blogger is indeed having a lot of problems these days. (Just check out the ever fluctuating poll results. O__O Thanks so much for the complement man! It was all Rub, he wanted to surprise me with a little something for Halloween, I merely suggested using Belvadar! :)



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