Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zahn Son Of Winter Omake

In the comic book Zahn 2, after Zahn returns to Camp, he is met with a very upset Jonah.  Jonah complains that while he was away, the new boys have practically taken over the camp, while Zahn was off to visit Zijnayu the seer.  I often think about what exactly was going on during that time.  So...I came up with a very silly little one shot and I asked FallenAngel to take it on.  It turned out really cute! I had actually only drawn one panel for each scenario (worrying about space) and he took the ideas and expanded on them perfectly.  I hope you guys enjoy this.  I can't get the little guys out of my mind.  I'm already working on more Chibi ideas for Fallen as I type this.  His Uogo has GOT to return!  

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