Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Gay Mummy of Halloween

Where to even start with this one?....It's been a long week, to say the very least.  I have put so many projects on hold.  Coming home 2 hours late many nights, exhausted, some days I hardly have the drive to turn on the PC.  One day I escaped the office and sat in car during a very late lunch.  While I munched on my turkey sandwich, I started to feel the urge to daw something that had been running around in my mind for days.  With the cool evening winds gently hitting the car, the sky grey and the sun slowly setting, the spirit of Halloween started to fill me.  I set to work on a new character I call Immatopmon.  He's the angelic king of the mummies.  During October his role focuses on making sure the world is gripped in fear Egyptian style.  He dons traditional orange and black and lords over the mummy hoards that he rises from their crypts, sending them out all over the world.  He does this in a kind of competition with the other creatures of night, to prove Egypts worth to the holiday.  After all, it wouldn't be Halloween without mummies, now would it?    

This is our first official image of Immatopmon done by FallenAngel. It turned out so perfectly.  I hope you guys enjoy this great image.  I couldn't have hoped for a nicer image to introduce him to the world.  He's very strong looking isn't he?  We will have to see him in 'action' soon.  A body like that needs a work out to keep in shape! ;D  For today here he stands outside his pyramid.  With his staff in hand, he is preparing to call forth dark clouds, open up the heavens and call forth the spirits of the dead to once again inhabit their bodies and walk the Earth.  (Looks like one couldn't wait to be called.)  It's funny how much this character changed over the period of a couple days.  He changed as the days went by, physically and story wise.  He's transformation was so drastic from what was on my mind, to what eventually went onto paper, that I am left with two different characters.  Maybe I will pick up the scraps and put them together with an artists help for more mummy fun! ;D
Below you can see the images I drew of him.

The orignal sketches had a scarab on his shoulder as part of his body armor.  I may bring that back one day.  It's not very well drawn, as I would forget about it until after I had drawn his shoulder.

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