Saturday, May 23, 2009

DinosaurPrince Birthday Extravaganza

Yep that's right today is my birthday and I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes! Especially my good friends Ink-b and Sirio who went out of their way to provide me with two heart warming and sexy cards!

Thanks guys! The best presents come straight from the heart!


I don't usually do this, as I prefer to show everyone a finished work, but every so often a picture comes along that is so hot, so desirable and full of passion that I just cant hold it back.. Today I was honored by Nookiedog with his rendition of Dimata Wrangle and I have never said this before, but I think this is his SEXIEST work ever. I couldn't keep my hands to myself when I saw the boy in my inbox. That thick uncut cock drooling, the face, the pose, the new earing, the image is just screaming sex god.

Nookiedogs explanation:

As Ink-B drew the first few images of him I wanted to base mine on that version. I've given him his slightly large earlobes and the slightly more modest tusks. For me the idea of him being a wilder version of a human is hotter than just imaging him as a animal.

So far many of the images of him show that human side well, so I wanted to do something extra special for you and try and show the balance of his animal side too, which is what I think makes him a sexy character! I've gone for a feral looking wild pose of him on all fours. From your descriptions of him I also got the impression that he should have a wild and unkempt look, so I wanted to give him scruffy hair to emphasise that.

I am counting the seconds till this is completed. One of the best birthday gifts ever!!! XD


Romer has only appeared as a bust on the site so far, but Sirio and others have been hard at work making my African Parasaurolophus come to life! Sirio is great friend, the master of Gladiators! I will be featuring many of Sirios commissions soon.
Here Romer is enjoying his frilled penis while dipping his toes in a lake! This hunk is going to appear a lot more and I will soon have Sirio doing more and more him cause I yam in loves! XD

This is Romer Walkeri my Dinoboy, or Parasaurolophusman. He's from Africa, but migrates to the land of snow and ice, place at the top of the world called Twilight Tundra where he discovers Dimata frozen in the ice.
He's a skilled in the bo staff and can create strong sound waves that can push back his foes. I noble tribesman and a adoring lover. Romer prefers to make love in the water and on river banks.

Thank you so much for creating such a sexy image Sirio! He is better then I could have hoped for! He's the ultimate dinosaur hunk!!! I love his oh so inviting chest! I just want to snuggle with him! His glowing yellow eyes are dreamy! And his penis, like his head crest has a frill running down it! Now that the cock for the ages!!!!!

The first sketch, sigh be still my heart!

Thanks Sirio you are a Bara master!!!! XD

Oh So Naughty! Demonas Dactyl With Silky Sexy See Through Wings!!!

Demona was very interested in taking on Trevor Dactylus and here she gives me the cleanest piece on my site! Trev in a crouch ready to dive! This is just the sketch, I am hoping to get it completed when she has some time in the near future. Still one can't help, but be impressed!

Now I have a picture Busiris can pat me on the back for, something I can show my family!! XD
Thank you for drawing him Demona and giving him all your style and flair.
And so dang fast too!!!! I really love the job you did on his hair and face. He has such an innocent quality to him. And those are kick ass feet. With see through wings, he can't over his naughty parts...and that can lead to some very hot situations!
A pose like that deserves some future attention. Colouring, a cliff, a treetop, so many neat choices! Is he diving for fish, or booty?

The pose helped solidify a relationship I have between him and Steko, I see the two lovers working together as they fish in the shallows.

Long neck and long Cock the Egyptian Brachiosaurus Brakari Phallatops!

Here is the newest cast member to my ever growing Fossil Harem! Brakari is a hard working young man from Egypt. He dreams of building pyramids. Due to his size people assume that he is a lot older then his 18 years. A powerful lover, one would be careful to clear his cock when that tidal waver of cum starts to spurt!

Here is Ink-b's first sketch of him. He shows a bit of elegance and a very human regal demeanor. Despite his size he looks light on his feet and gives the impression that he is a swift runner and not just a lumbering giant. I love the beads around his neck. Ink-b did an amazing job of blending human and dinosaur. Who knows what directions Ink will take as he continues to work on him? You know he is only going to get sexier!!!!


  1. Aw man, I actually think that Nookiedog picture is pretty cool, yeah. A really good present and I see you got all sorts of pleasure from it. XD; I wish my birthday gift to you would've gone smoother than this. ._.

    You got a lot too! That's really great. ^_^

    *pats you on the back* NONPORN! LOL But then after that is a new character that is... "tidal waver of cum" lololol
    Happy birthday, dude.

  2. Happy Birthday Buddy, you could have told us, well me that is

  3. Happy Birthday mate! I hope you had a great day :)

  4. hey, great card and art!!!
    happy birthday!!!! x3

  5. Thanks guys! I actually had a really good day!



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