Thursday, May 7, 2009

lastmanouthere pours his heart into my Original Character!

Barbarians, roman soldiers and the like are always tops in my book. lastmanouthere is budding artist who's gallery overflows in barbarian goodness. I very recently contacted him to see if he would be interested in drawing for me. Kind from the first he wanted to do it as a request, not a commission. And he was very intested in doing an original character for me. So having some ideas in mind, I sat down after some procrastination and sent him a bunch of different characters. He chose the one character I was having the hardest time to get the image across on paper. And what he did with him sent my spirits soaring! This guy is a major turn on!

Meet Skelldon the Desert Barbarian.

Skelldon is a mixture of human, Scelidosaurus and Iguanadon.
He mixed the two species and made him such a human hunk at the same time! I gave him a bit of a back story. He hails for ancient Arizona where he escorts travelers across the sands attacking evil targets along the way. Known as a bandit by most, he has a pure heart and gives his bounty to those in need. Never charging more then someone can afford of his services. When I saw the weapon given to him, I had to connect my other character Yelmo did for me to him. So now he has a crush on Tonia and dreams of the day Tonia will join him in his nobel quests. Sadly Tonia is not a warrior. :P

He is so Amazing I had tears of joy when I saw the first sketch! To think lastmanouthere had sat and taken the image trapped in my mind and creating something 100 times better really moved me. I love the spines around his his chest! His face, eyes, mouth and hair are PERFECT. Such a nice job giving him the toga made of giant palm leaves. It's just so hot how his massive cock is sticking out and the way the leaves have been placed all around to accommodate this. (in case his toga moves lol) It looks so gorgeous! That nose works great, a mix of human and reptile, with out crossing the line. Love the coloring job! The skin shines in the hot sun and that penis head is just perfect! So much detail and love has been put into this picture. :)
lastmanouthere I really do believe this is your best work yet and I am honored that you created such a masterpiece for me to share with the world!

Here is an alternate blue version:

I hope that lastmanouthere will one day find time to work with me again. It was a total pleasure. He was very professional, showing me each step and asking me all sorts of questions along the way. He may not be open for commissions just yet, but he already carries the mannerisms needed.
Maybe one day I will share the cruddy sketch I did!

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  1. I know this one! :B
    I consider you a very fortunate person to be able to meet some of the nicest people who are willing to draw what you have in your head. You often have a specific picture in your head, and without being too demanding or even strict, they always pop out exactly what you had in mind. Kudos! :3



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