Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Awesome takes on Rikuo!

The best thing about commissioning, besides meeting new people is how everyone takes your favorite character and adds their own touches to them. That's why I seek out artists, cause I want to see how they will handle a complex creature like Rikuo, or a relatively untouched character like Kid Pit Icarus.

Here are three of my newest and most awesome pictures of Rikou, all full of style and surprises! Each one a masterpiece of porn in it's own right!
First off is Gothkelts Merman lust:

I LOVE this. From the colours he choose for Rikuo (the pink penis head drives me wild!) to the pose, it's all amazing. His foot says no, but his cock says yes!!!
Such a wonderful style and I am honored to have something so unique done by Gothkelts hand!
I really love how Rikuo looks like he is trying to push the merman away! Showing he is a little reluctant to receive his oral service! His reptilian tongue and fangs are a fascinating and sexy touch to the character. Very inspired! Gotta love his nipples and gills too. They are wide open as he shoots from that massive cock!
The Merman is an aqua Adonis. I love his muscles and cut cock! Hee hee very hot. Thanks for creating him based on my simple idea! He's hot!
I must have Gothkelt work on some of the my Original cast as well!

Next we have a little Street Fighter X Nightwarriors! With the thick juicy foreskins only K3rry can provide the world! Such an awesome take could only come from this gifted young man!

Here is an artist I can strongly recommend for commissions. K3rry Takes their art very seriously and does his best to meet the clients demands. The communication was excellent. K3rry gives you a product like no other can. I wanted to do a little Darkstalkers meets Street Fighter here. (A game that was planned, but never came to be.) Ken has the biggest juiciest foreskin I have ever seen on him, getting ready to get covered with the cum from Rikuo's cock. And what a cock it is!!! Gotta love those balls! Those will produce some massive waves! This is all so very hot! I would love to get my hands on those two uncut cocks!

Ken is being pushed forward to the hot cock and he's a little reluctant because of what is about to happen...

Uhhhh...Rikuo couldn't hold it in any longer! Ken is going to have fun jerking that hot wad into is foreskined member as he makes himself cum...maybe Rikuo will use those giant hands to help him out!

I love it so much I would be honored to have K3rry draw for me again!

And now we have my newest acquaintance, Fydbac doing her very first nude commission! Who better then Rikou! And she did it with TONS of style and sass in less then 24! Now that's an artist I can fall in love with! XD

I loved this so much I asked for her to Dimata and will be posting him tonight!!! This is my birthday week, who knows what other Treasures will be posted!!!!


  1. lots of stuffffffffff!
    Yes thats why I commission a lot. Nothing more fun than seeing how other people see your characters. Bu varies a lot yet stays the same very well.

    That was her first nude commission? Then I got the first smutty commission! Omgar... I am so proud. X3 lolol

  2. Yeah man, we are bad influences!!! XD



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