Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Prehistoric Boys from the master of the past Ink-b

Well I can't dish them out as fast as Ink-b can draw them up! Here we have even more cavecock creations!!!

First we have the bust of Stev Stenops, a canyon basin dwelling Stegosaurusman. Ink-B took my original sketch and gave it some very personal touches! XD

Here is Trish Elk, based on various extinct deer and antelope. Believe it, or not there were antelope type animals with long tusks and tons of horns on their head. I am in the midst of trying to find my book The Rise Of Mammals. It's one of the few places you will find the creature listed. I toned down the horns a bit and gave him some Irish elk style antlers when designing him. Ink-b provided all the sexy!!!

Last but not least we have ancient Armadilloman Glypto Scutes. Ink-b charged the armored hunk up ten fold! One day soon I hope to present them full nude. :P

Thanks again my friend!!! :)


  1. HMMM So now we got OCs here... lol... cavecocks...

    anyways I like in this order:
    Stev Stenops
    Trish Elk
    Glypto Scutes
    Yeah same order as the post. XD I dunno why. I guess I like Stev's style. The spine and hair the most. I also like Trish Elk's antlers. :3

  2. Glypto is so cute! He looks really sweet and gentle. Out of all of your boys (In the whole blog, not just these three) I have to say he's my favorite. They're all great, but he's just beautiful!



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