Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surfing Icarus

Sometimes you look at someones art and an idea just hits you in the face. I was on Kumikoalastar's page and while looking at her Zodiac boys I thought, I gotta commission Kumikoalastar for sure! I started looking around the net at my friend Bart's site and saw a bunch of surfers. I said, hey how about taking Kid Icarus to the beach? And who better to get the job done! So here we have young Icarus and a blond sexy Centurion enjoying a day at surfing!! Kumikoalster was kind enough to give me the naughty versions as exclusives to this blog! Enjoy peoples!!!!

I just love your take on these two! Nothing like seeing hair blowing in the ocean breeze!

Looks like the boys had their pants pulled down! All the better for us huh? XD
I would love to do a few more like this. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous picture!
Next time another very special character at the beach!!!

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