Friday, May 8, 2009

Tonberryknights CLASSIC Summer Night Sex

Well here it is an exclusive picture just for this site! What an honor TonberryKnight!!!
Here we have Patrick Fillions Cam and Lanor making a Felicia sandwich done with all the flair and charms only Tonberryknight can give the world!

There are two versions, one of Cam circumcised and one of him intact. That was Tonberry's idea! She wanted to shake things up a bit! Her roughs had a foreskin on Lanor too.

We had a lot of fun with this. I wanted it to be set on a summers evening. From the first shot of the finished picture all I could think about was the 90's when I was still a teenager. We placed the ghetto skater gear on Cam from one of Mr. Fillions site pictures and Tonberry decided to put that shirt on Lanor, to give him an urban teenage feel. This also makes them look like they were out exercising when they ran into Felicia!

Her art is amazing and I love her take on all three characters! Felicia is just the bomb! I just had to see how she would handle them together! :) I love the city she added...the whole thing takes me back to summer of 1993 for some reason. I swear I can feel the cool night air when I look at it! Ah Jurassic Park..LOL.

One of the things that makes commissioning artist great is the different takes on characters they present you with. TonberryKnight felt the ears on Lanor were too big, but I really dug them and asked her to please keep them in!

The original idea had a street light behind the characters. It was taken out to focus more on the city scape.

When I look at all the versions I realize just how much love and attention TonberryKnight gives her customers. Each character was given many additions and changes until she felt the picture was perfect. Going beyond what is expected and incorporating all my wants as well. Thank you TonberryKnight you're Top Cat in my book!

Check out all the great stuff at Class Comics!!!


  1. exclusive images! :3 Pretty darn nice coloring too.
    Hey exclusive images. Those are the best!! I know I have a couple of my own of course, and you have some too! Best place for you to show them off. ^^

  2. You have exclusives too? I have to see!!! :)



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