Friday, May 8, 2009

More work on my Mammothman Dimata Wrangle

Once again Ink-b has gone out of his way to give me more pictures for my Prehistoric boys! This time taking my Mammoth man to whole new level of hotness! Check out the amazing ass he gave him!

An innocent youth of 19, Dimata was frozen in an iceberg and found by a young barbarian. (Who that was will be revealed later.) He is soft spoken and gentle. His trunk like penis is huge. His foreskin lips are long and can act as mandibles when needed, making his penis very much like a trunk. His foreskin retracts with much discomfort, as it is very tight. Easily sexually excited, he is know to erupt in less then 10 seconds if the mood is right. He compensates for this by being able to orgasm 10-20 a day with little strain. He has a crush on Tonia, but is too scared to admit it. He often is called to service of young warriors that travel through his tundra home.

Hee hee and here he is posing and showing off his 'trunk' from the front!

Can't thank you enough Ink-B!
You can buy the print here:


  1. OMG, lol. So you made the character's penis work like a mammoth/elephant trunk? Thats epic on levels I probably never knew about before. XDD
    That being said, they look to be worthwhile additions to your collection! :3



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