Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Caveman appears: meet Dore Lockstone

After spending a lot of time with Adonix last night, he asked me the question, what is my dream man? Well I told him, wavy golden hair with dreads, bronze tan and many other things that came to mind. And a mere couple of hours later the dear man presented me with this image!

A caveman to frolic in our world of Paleozoic porn stars, I present to everyone my dream man Dore Lockstone!

I actually started to well up the moment I saw him. Such an act of pure kindness! I was speechless. I feel that he has been plucked from my imagination, from every fantasy I had growing up and made real on paper in an image that presents a man so powerful and yet the eyes and face suggests a timid youthfulness. Hinting at a naivete in the art of love and passion. A boy eager to learn given the right chance.

Dore is a young man who lives in the human settlement far below Twilight Tundra. He is intrigued by the young anthros that live there. He often spies on them and wants to join in on their love making. The fear of not belonging and possibly of their nature being hostile to a human has kept him at bay. A voyeur who desperately want to be apart of a world he feels he can only watch.

Dream boy and Dream cock, thick, uncut and fully ready for action!

Adonix I thank my lucky stars everyday for having the honor of you as a friend. You are one of the most caring and generous people on Earth! All my love to you.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, nice realistic style.. And what a cock XD~



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