Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gambit by JCArtblog and Demona!

Here we go a Dinosaurprince exclusive for the time being! My request for Gambit by the always amazing JCArtblog! The Master of Marvel has produced a most sexy image. I asked that only Gambit chest, abs and lower half be exposed! XD This is because I love the costume found in the old TV show and in the Capcom games! This is some of JC's best work! This was a request for a very dear friend of mine who loves Gambit even more then I do!

As well the Queen of Chibies Demona has made the cutest Gambit I have ever seen! Check out this little guy! Don't gamble in the dark young man!

My thanks to both of you and my dear friend Ken, who is the inspiration for these! A figured he could go for a little Cajun!

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