Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dimata shaved!!!! XD

As recently as two days ago Ink-B told me that his dear friend and often partner in art Jacy-J had opened for commissions. She was looking for a taker and you know me, I can't resist the charms of an artist in need! I was already a fan having been introduced to her some time ago. I sent a request and before I knew what was happening I had this in my mail box:

Summer time Dimata! She took the wholly out of the mammoth, but gave me the second glimpse of my boys naked body. Dimata has been shaved and the stud is ready for the beach! Can anyone say swim suit edition? XD Just check out the gorgeous abs and chest! Thank you Jacy-J, for this very original piece! I can really recommend Jacy-J to anyone who wants a commission. She is very fast and very friendly! You can find her on Deviantart:


  1. haha Shaved. XD;;
    But loincloths seem to be an interesting look. haha nicely chosen!

  2. Whoa, nice style :D That's one hella gorgeous prohestoric boy XD



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