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The woman that allowed my imagination to soar, Icarus obsession with Tonberryknight.

It's funny sometimes you are very much aware of someones art and style and then one day you see them do something that changes everything about just how much you love their work. That was the day I stumbled across TonberryKnights frot pic. I was looking to do frot in the worst way, because it is my very favorite thing to do. She captured it so perfectly and her characters were bright and gorgeous to behold.

It was love at first site. The first Sketch TonberryKnight ever sent me.

I was into trying to re-create more adult Icarus around this time. I am sure I had commissioned out many. But her Icarus she presented me at the time blew me away. Now this is not to put down anyones hard work and efforts in anyway. Because I love all the different version of him I have got. Tonberryknights Icarus really spoke to me. A combination of various features of the proposed adult versions found online, his original design and elements of 80's heroism. I don't think TonberryKnight could have ever imagined where that strange little picture of Merman on Angel was going to lead her and me. But something snapped in my mind. I saw her Icarus doing more and more. And I thank the heavens that she took on my ideas with open arms. NO matter how strange they might have seen, she encouraged me and tempted me to push the ideas harder. Adding details and even characters like Rikuo.

The special version of the picture with brighter colours TonberryKnight sent me one cold morning! :)

This was such a nice surprise to wake up to! Everything about this is gorgeous. I love the colours you chose for each character. The inclusion of gloves on Pit Icarus is such a nice touch! It's adds such tender sensuality to the piece! I didn't realize how long Icarus's hair was till you coloured it. Another wonderful surprise! I love it, long hair like that is my favorite thing to see on a guy! Gives him a wild hunky look. I love my Tarzan hair..:lol:
The skins tones are amazing. The various shades of green on Rikuo, the light shimmers and the shadowing around his face, show that you put so much thought and love into this picture! You can really tell you were having fun with this.
Congrats on your first merman, couldn't have asked for a hotter one then him!
Those penises are just the thickest juiciest things I have seen in a long time. They fit on each character flawlessly. Any gay guy would jump at the chance to have his way with those!
I dare say that this is one of the most romantic pieces of art I have had done for me.

Oh look they finished!!!

I was very shocked to learn that Tonberryknight is new to Commissions.
She is willing to work with me and meet all my wishes and desires. Failure is not an option for this artist! And that kind of devotion I am honored to have access too. Our pictures of Icarus in various states of peril and pleasure all based on in game events have re-reopned places in my heart that have not felt warmth for decades.

Her skills are unmatched. Her creations are the very envy of Disney. A mix of sass, sex and innocents. (Just check out her erotic and hilarious takes on Seph from Final Fantasy 7.) Every time she presents me with a new picture my gears spin and I think of more and more ideas. And she takes my ideas and will expands on them beyond the initial concepts adding touches and elements that I would not have. Showing like so many others I have met, that she truly loves her profession.

Her work inspires me so much. When it comes to people who would recommend I for commission, the words Tonberryknight would escape my lips before I could move them! Fast, hard working and friendly are not enough to describe her ethics. I could not have imagined chosing anyone else to produce my ADVENTURES OF ICARUS series of Commissions.

The very first Centurion picture. Having his helmet off got me thinking....

We will put the helmet on....

Rikuou takes it off...showing time has passed.

Guess this one warrants some explanation! See in the game Kid Icarus, when you enter the Dungeons you can free Centurions who have been turned to stone by Medusa. I gave TonberryKnight the task of bringing the image of Icarus and one of them enjoying each others company after being freed with a mallet and she produced this masterpiece! Redesigning Pit in the Process, ever so slightly to give me an even sexier and rugged looking hunk! :inlove:

Icarus looks so classic here! Like a real warrior. His wings are a little smaller, like in the game and he looks like he deserves a good rest after fighting through the Labyrinth. It's hard to explain, but it brings back great memories of all those old 80's and 90's action shows and comics I grew up with. Gives me a warm nostalgic feeling inside! :widesmile:
I really appreciate all the cool details, the cloth wrapped around Pits, arms, the design of the helmet with the little heart and all the details on the foreskin, how the skin is a darker shade around the edges. Very life like! I love and I mean I LOVE the olive skinned Centurion. He looks (and I mean this as the greatest complement I can think of) Disney Hero esque. (Can't spell lol.) I mean wow, just wow. There are no words to describe it. All I can say is he is super hot! He is just the hottest! The shine on the skin is really sweet. And Pit's hair, sigh...you just want to rest your head against his!
Honestly seeing your hard work and beautiful designs only get the gears in my head turning more and more. And believe it or, not there is part 2 coming!!!
Thanks so much!

Hey this looks amazing as usual!
You guys can thank Tonberrynight for the inclusion of Rikuo here. I had the idea, but wasn't sure how it would fly with fans. So she was super kind enough to draw me one version with and one without Rikuo in it. I loved them so much that we worked together and came up with a before and after picture. :happyhappy: With different views of the Centurion and a little more action in this one.
As you can see Icarus and the Centurion have gotten a lot more comfortable since the last piece, Icarus is feeling especially good at this point....And Rikuo has ridden a wave in to join in on the action!
I love how you played with Rikuo's colour, for this picture. It's nice to see you experiment with different colour schemes each time! (You guys don't know this, but in the very first commission, not on the site, Rikuo was very bright.) I love the Orange used on the dorsal fins. His darker penis really stands out this time and is just hot hot hot! :heart: Nice job on his balls too! I love his eyes, they are so lazy and yet focused. The colouring really makes them stand out in the piece.
Those are some juicy looking foreskins and the penis are so well done! The pre-cum is perfect!

Thanks for going the extra mile with this add on piece. It means a lot to me.
I have a lot more ideas for Icarus so I hope people will look forward to more commissions in the future with Tonberrynight! Take a bow!

First sketch of Icarus being cured of the eggplant curse.

Oh how I hated the Eggplant wizard! :mad:
Your art so inspired me, that I just had to give you more Icarus ideas! So I was playing the game one day and thought, how hot would it be in the nuse was young, a blond, twinky and totally horny. I mean all Icarus has is the use of his 'legs' when encased in the eggplant, he is so helpless in that cursed state. Something like this just seems so right!:sweatdrop::heart:
Thank you so much for taking on what must have seemed like the strangest assignment of all time and doing a job that's even better then I could have imagined! Everything is perfect! I was even told to complement you on the deisgn of the eggplant skin which is simply amazing! Once it was pointed out, I really saw the details and I appreciate that! I really dig Icarus's folded up wings and his hand pushing free!
I love the nurse so much that I want to bring him back again for another commission in the future! He is such a sultry twink! His eyes are to die for!
And as funny as it sound the gooey eggplant cocoon is perfect! Love the stretched out skin!
This picture takes me back to a time, when I was just coming of age. So many memories associated with Kid Icarus. This actually touches my heart to see you immortalize what is essentially the situation that leaves you feeling venerable that most in video game history, in such sexy way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Icarus in Peril at the start of his adventure. Here he is jailed in the Underworld.

In all honesty I think this is Tonberrykinghts best work. There is just so much beauty and action going on. She did the Syren perfectly! Exactly how I wanted him to be positioned and designed. At this point I can explain a character to her and draw a basic sketch and she just reads my mind and I hers. :) The Asian Centurion is just what I wanted as well! Hunky and hot! :P I asked for a cut cock this time around and I love the big heads she provided me with! Every ounce of this is perfection!
Sadly the Goddess has to free pit, so it looks like this Centurion was turned to stone along with the rest.

These pictures are just the first in the ADVENTURES OF ICARUS series I hope to continue with TonberryKnight when she reopens for Commissions.
Coming very soon, a picture you won't find on the Y!gallery!!!!!!

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  1. Its these pictures I have seen a lot of. XD You commissioned here a bunch too, its not until I see them here that I do remember seeing them on the top of Y! Gallery's submission lists a few times. Ah yes, I am on the same page now. XD



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