Friday, May 1, 2009

Pac-Man like you have never seen him before.

I guess everyone who knows me, knows I am a video game nut. And like many of you my first love was Pac-man. I still play all the version of his games as frequently as I did when I was a kid.

After seeing Ms. Pac-man by Kenshin-the-Wanderer done in 2007 and using it on everything as a wallpaper for my desk top at home, work and even my PSP, I thought why don't I ask for a commission of Pac-man?

Well I got talking to Kenshin who turned out to be a very pervy guy (LOL) about commissioning and after bumping ideas off each other we came up with this full body pose. I have to say that of all the Pac-man fan art I have ever seen this is my favorite. He put so much thought and attention to detail it's not funny. This is magnificent. Hey this speaks for itself. And here is an alternate version of this know what I mean. :P

Well all this got me inspired and I had two of my best friends tackle Pac as well!
First to take him on was Demona:

I liked him so much I asked if we could see below the speedo. Demona gave him a Power Pellet and the cut cock that emerged is now something feared by all Ghosts!

I was inspired by the recent work I had done on Deviant art, so at the same time as I was getting sketches I asked one of my dearest friends Demona to take on the task to trying the same character. Bringing her own unique style to the table, her Pac-Man is more human then the cartoony one done previous. And for what ever reason, be it the hat and/or the pose combined, when I see this I think of New York City in the good old 80's. Which warms my heart and takes me back to my childhood with a tear in my eye. :widesmile:
And then I look to the left...Looks like Pac-man ate a Power Pellet! No wonder the Ghosts run and make those faces! You get hit with that monter and you'll be nothing but eyes too! :lol: Is Ms. Pac-man next? How about Shota Pac-JR?

Today I got an early birthday present from someone I haven't done an article for, my dear friend Mashi. She has gotten better and better over the last few months and was brave enough to take on Pac Himself! What do you think? Mashi is a wonderful person and a great artist who is always looking for commission challenges!

Ah the is 10 layers of SEXY!!! He can comp my power pellets any day!!!! Wow is he shinny! I bet he is smooth to the touch. SO now we know all the pellets he eats is for muscles!!!!!

Thank you Mashi, BIG KISS!

Early work from this morning:

If anyone thinks I should continue on with the Ghost monsters, or wants to help me tackle them, let me know! :)


  1. HEY, everyone knows you are just as Pervy as Kenshin or even more! Hell, I bet I am too. >3>

    But yeah lots o' Pac-Manliness.
    Does Early Birthday insinuate that you have one soon? XD

  2. Yeah my birthday is May 24th! I'm getting old!!! Why what ever would make you think I'm a little Pervy? LOL. :P



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