Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rikou by Masters Sakuseii And Voider!

Hey everyone!!! It's finally time to share something very special! The one only Sakuseii agreed to Draw Rikuo for me!!!!! Now he has no faith in his own colouring skill, (Silly I know, he's a legend!), so I enlisted the help of one of the best Voider, to help me complete the NUDE project! Yep that's right, here it is folks a Dinosaurprince's Kingdom EXCLUSIVE!!! NUDE RIKUO BY SAKUSEII!!!!

Oh wow a cut Rikuo!!!!! Too hot to handle!!!! I had to request that penises head colour! LOL. Voiders choice too... XD

Voider tells me he was honored to work this picture. Sakuseii has my thanks for creating such a wonderful piece. Voider was so excited he created a larger version of your 'censored' version and coloured it as well! What a kind and caring artist he is! They both poured all of their hearts into this, including even water drops and listening to any request I might have had! Voider is a true master of the rainbow! And Sakuseii's Storm is breath taking, I feel the pressure drop as Rikuo spreads the waves! Biblical!!! I am very lucky to have had met both of them.

Rikuo is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. I always look forward to Sakuseii's next creation. Who knows, maybe I will commission him again some day! XD


  1. Thats really one of your best, totally. Thats the kinda stuff that I truely admire because it looks so good and both have really great color. :D Thats the kinda one I'd make a wallpaper of and even cell phone wallpaper if it were my own. XD Congrats! I can tell ya that it was likely worth it, that commission.

  2. Damn.

    Even censored, that's by far the best fan art of Rikuo I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot. Even counting the two Udon artworks, which are hard to top.

    And then, to get an uncensored version... Not offense to the adult art of Rikuo posted prior to this, but this is number one.

    So very glad you posted this on your blog. Many, many thanks.



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