Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The brithday celebration continues! A special gift, 24 hour Magic and Ink-b's Brakari!

Just when I thought my birthday was over I received this from the ever popular Conji!

A caveman Tarzan style blowing a dinosaur human? Now who are Earth could know my tastes that well and go out of their way to commissions something just for me? XD I know...but I am sworn to secrecy! LOL. Thank my friend. I could not have asked for a nicer gift!
Conji and I are in talks about him Doing Dimata for me! Here's hoping!

It wasn't the only gift I got! Ink-b Completed his work on Brakari and he is looking even more amazing then ever! He gave him a residual nose on his face to keep his human look, placing the nostrils on the top of his head like a real Brachi. He gave him a wonderful green glowing body and gorgeous scales. Ink said this was a challenge for him, one of the most inhuman characters he has done. It must have been a struggle trying to keep him within as much of a human frame as possible, stretching the restrictions of each form with out moving too far away from either, but keeping him as human as possible. I think he is one the sexiest characters he has ever drawn. He is so youthful, light yet strong looking. Excellent job man! He got me all hot!

Around the same time Ink was working on Brakari so was my newest friend Fydbac! Ever want to see a Brachiosaurus do a mammoth? Well now you can!

Oh man I am a bad influence on Fydbac! I had Fydbac do her first nude, then the first inflation and now this!!! Penetration and not just double it's also self penetration at that!! 3 for one!!!

This is just breath taking! The details on the leaves on the skirt alone are enough to make me fall over! What a really amazing job on Brakari. I just love the expression on his face! And Fydbacs Dimata begs to be drawn over and over again! I could not have hoped for a better picture! And so fast!!!! This one here is greased lightning folks!!!

Well turning older has never been this sexy and fun!!!!


  1. Haha, well I am not afraid to be open about your gift now! I just wanted it to be all about you on the submission itself, and not me. :3

    All in all, QUITE a haul. More than I have ever seen actually. Good for you! I hope you are keeping good track of all your pictures and commissions and gifts, etc! :o SO MANYYYYY....

  2. I saw some of those pics at y!g XD I have to say that i'm really surprised by your wild imagination! Grats!



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