Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Long Forgotten Caveman Returns Meet Erotic Congo!

A lot of people won't Remember the game Congo's Caper on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Congo was a sequel to the highly popular Joe and Mac. Set in the time when monkey were evolving into humans, Congo was more in tune with games like Super Mario Bros, then the beat-em-up style of Joe and Macs game. Congo is a cute little monkey who, along with his mate had just evolved into humans. He's on a quest to save his young love from the devil kid. Congo still retains simian elements to his appearance. He reverts back to monkey form when hurt. He's extremely cute and while most have fond memories of the game, no sequels were ever produced. So Congo is often sadly forgotten. But not by me! There's potential there!!!

And so for the last month I have been asking artist to do some takes on him. Demona is the first to complete her version of him! Giving him powerful tree Trunk legs, a sly smile and a cock that is truly prehistoric! In her hands he has grown up into the ultimate breeding machine to further the human race!!!!

One Congo just wasn't enough! I also asked Demona if she would be so kind as to Chibby him up as well. And here he is looking actually MORE cuter then in the game! He's so sweat! But I wouldn't try to make him go to bed early with that club around!

Lots more Congo to come!!! Tell me what you think of him.


  1. Wo00t Demona piccys. Penises be getting bigger. >3> lol.
    Sometimes I am surprised of the games that slide past me. But even I have some gems I suppose. Though I wasn't totally in control of what games we had back them. IF ONLY. lol

  2. 'em both! XD

    Makes me wanna draw him too!

  3. You so should! You do Monkey Humans so well!



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