Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amazing gifts! Presenting the adult Version of Rikuo by Ink-b

I have been very lucky because on occasion artist will be kind enough to send me gifts, or take requests for the fun and challenge of it! Two of these artists are Ephorox and Ink-b, who provided me with amazing visions of Rikou! They both hold unparalleled skills and are masters at their styles. If you haven't checked out Ephorox's super buff Anthros, or Ink-bs sexed up video games boys I really strongly recommend doing it now. I can't thank these two enough!


I am very thankful for this Rikou because I know how long it took you to complete him. I am honored to say the least!

This is beyond gorgeous! Rikuo is the sexiest capcom character! That is one major cock, balls and foreskin! I love the pose, the fish and the shine from the sun! His face is so sweet! This is one of the best pictures on the site. Thanks so much!!!!


Wow thanks so much for taking the time to do this!!! I love it! I love how you did his face and his lips are so sexy and fit him excellent! It is lovely. He has a nice bulge between his legs too!
You're the best! Can I swim with him? LOL.

For the first time ever, we have the ADULT version of Rikou!!!! And check out that amazing and THICK cock! I Love it!!!!

Thanks so much for providing this for me! I only wish I had not been so shy and asked sooner!


  1. Alternate versions! XD Yeah thats fun. Its really cool the kinda stuff you have gotten only in recent months. Very impressive. :D HIGH QUALITY porns. Thats hard to come... cum by? XD;;

  2. I think that Ephorox's rendition of Rikou is my favourite out of all of your commissions of him.



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