Monday, May 4, 2009

My little Raising star, the girl Wonder Mashi!

One day I was one Y Gallery and I saw a posting from someone I was watching asking for people to help out a young artist in need of commission money. I was in full commission frenzy at that time and was eager to meet to new people. I looked through her gallery and saw a magician picture that I really liked a lot. I asked Mashi if she could reproduce Rikuo in that style. Mashi was not sure if she could but she would try. We got a very cute Rikuo out of that. Some language barriers led to a much younger Icarus then I would have commissioned, but people seemed to really like it. I really liked Mashi's style and I feel in love with her take on Wonderboy. The road ahead could have been rocky, but it wasn't. I had a lot of request and Mashi was more then willing not only to work with me on improving the pictures she did, but she also started to teach me terms and about drawing techniques as well.

The result is that I kept commissioning her do to do Wonderboy, not only alone with with Prince Tanya as a boy as well. Here for the first time are some that are not yet on the Gallery.

Mashi has continued to push herself hard and harder braving her favorite characters Robin, Superboy and Batman. I love her Robin so much I have commissioned her to do a version of him for me along with some very famous gay comic characters.
Mashi is not only someone who draws for me, but a dear sweet friend. Many an hour of sleep has been lost by staying up late and getting up really early so I can talk to her. She has so much energy and devotion that I can only see great things ahead for her. If you want to not only have someone to draw for you, but a good freind as well, look no further then Mashi!

Mashis take on Wonderboy was so awesome I decided to ask her to do an entire series with her take on him. She happily agreed!

I love and trust Mashi so much I asked her to make an anime version of my young friend chad. Who is very sick.

He was crying when he opened it, he was so happy!

Mashi's Second take on Wonderboy with the Islands Prince. She worked long and hard on this and I think it is her best piece.

A work in progress of a chase scene. Mashi is still trying to get it down perfect for me!

Hot teenage frotting Iceclimbers inspired by Nookiedogs masterpiece!

Early Frot sketch. Mashi changed it in the end to the above picture.

End game pictures

A little more Manly!

Another work in progress. The sky picnic. Still needs the ocean and sky added and some other details. Mashi really made Wonderboy buff and sexy here!

Mashi catches a tender moment here. Wonderboy Collects dolls that are the likeness of his lover in the game. Here he breaks down and cries realizing that a huge distance and many perils separate him and his lover. He realizes he may never see him again.

Mashi loves having fun giving me so many variations of her art.

An odd, but fun choice for a background!

Our gift of Shota Congo and Wonderboy for Demona. I am not into shota at all, unless it is innocent and cute like this!

The other night I was very depressed. Mashi has such a huge heart she quickly drew these for me and had me laughing and smiling in no time! :)

I hope Mashi will continue to work with me in the future!


  1. You're too kind to me. It's really2 such a nice words you wrote there. ;___;
    Thank you so much, bro.
    Of course i will continue to work with you anytime. If you're okay with my "sometimes the face become shota" things. LOL.
    I'll try harder in next piece u ask me babe~ ;p Hehehe.

  2. LOTS OF STUFF! Really cool, dude. :3 I hope you can have lots of fun with all your commissioning artists, though some may have rough spots, I am sure there are plenty of nice people in the future! ^^ I really like the way she does hands and feet. A good quality!

  3. And she did a Great Job
    With the Picture of our mutual friend Chad



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