Monday, May 18, 2009

The story of forbiddin love.

Inspiration from Yelmo's take on Smilo breed a lot of creativity. Ink-b Stayed up all night to produce this inspirational image of Dimata and Smilo the night Yelmo's image appeared. This picture takes me back to every Zdenek Burian and Charles R. Knight picture of the age of mammals, that touched me as a child. The image brings forth feelings of a moment long ago lost to the cloud of time. A long lost lovers paradise, unmapped, unknown, situated somewhere between fantasy and reality.
You can feel the cool night air, the cool water at their feet and experience the forbidden passions with just a simple glance. I am speechless. Or maybe not!

A expanded the back story of Dimata a little bit inspired by everyone selfless hard work.

Dimata Wrangle: Dimata is a innocent young man. At the tender age of 18 he was frozen in a glacier for an unknown amount of time. We was rescued by Romer a dinosaur human. for many months he searched for his family. Meeting Smilo who rescued him from the Grasp of Lil'Deep very early on. The two instantly fall in love with each other. He wants to settle down with the Smilos tribe, but their love is forbidden and frowned upon. Smilo is utterly torn by this as well. He seeks the comfort of his touch where ever and whenever the two can be alone, even for a few fleeting moments.

He still actively seeks his family. At times wandering the world in hopes of finding his lost brother, sister and a lover that appears only as a faded memory. Dimata is a just a shy young man who wants to be loved and he wants a welcoming home more then anything else. He enjoys making other happy and offers himself up physically to anyone that asks. His his lower trunk can be milked and can excrete over a liter of cum each day with little effort, or strain. Enough to fill the world with Mammothmen all by himself. He is often sought after those that could exploit this for various reasons. Is his family long dead? Other mammoths roam the tundras, perhaps they hold the knowledge he seeks.

And now something else! It's my vacation, so lets do some more shall we?
Introducing the newest member of our cast!!!

The Dire Wolf Dalach Whakan meaning sacred gatherer. Because he is excellent as assembling his fellow tribesman. Something that is important for a pack hunter. He is member of Lil'Deeps sex Pirate troop. A formidable running and excellent tracker. He is Lil'Deeps #2, though he has sworn loyalty, he seems to be pained by the life he has chosen.

The Dire wolf is too hot! I wanted to make him a lot different then say Inuyahsa and the ears you gave him are just what I was hoping for to accomplish that. Thanks to Ink-b for following my cruddy picture so well! LOL. He looks good with arm hair. That is some awesome hair around his chest. You just want to put your head there and sleep. And the hair on his head is just the amount you would want if your chasing prey though the cold tundra winds!

Age: 20
Status: Uncut
Trevor Dactylous
Lives on a small island beside Stekos and they two childhood friends have grown to be lovers. Trevor does his best to help anyone and has devoted himself to helping Dimata find his family.

Triceratops: Ceadda O'Tops
age: 30.
Status: Uncut
A warrior skilled at using clubs and maces. He is Tonia's best friend at his family Gladitor training academy. He teaches Tonia how to use more then just his club tail properly.


  1. I find you incredibly lucky that people can help you so much on your quest to refine and create your characters and also to get really slick art too boot. Ahh breathe it in, please! XD



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