Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Cast down with grace intact, the other the Master of time, Fallenangel7 and Fydbac Presents Dimata to the Extreme!!!

First off I want to talk about someone. I guy who means a HELL of a lot to me: FallenAngel7. This guy was the second person I ever commissioned and we became fast friends. Even though I only did two commissions with him, our friendship has grown way beyond that of artist and client. We have so much in common and talk all the time. He's an awesome guy and a heck of a talent! You must check out his Comics, they are some of the hottest I have ever read! There is such an innocence to his characters and he mixes that with such gorgeous bodies and huge smooth cocks! It's a style and eroticism like no other. I am proud to present his version of Dimata Wrangle, a bizarre and utterly hot take on my innocent creation!!!! Soon I will be displaying tons of his art! Stay tuned!

When I told Fallen Dimata a has trunk like Cock, he took that very seriously! I love this! LOL That monster has got a life of it's own!!! XD Who wouldn't want to play with it?!!! And here Dimata has a beard as well! Looks like he has grown up a bit and forgotten to shave while search for his long lost family! Where does one find a razor in all that snow anyway? :P Nice touch!

And once again Fydbac master lightning ink has added her sexy charms to my Dimata as well! Changing him a bit, but keeping to his basic model, giving me something that is so hot, it's like he fell off the pages of Class Comics themselves! LOL. Thanks Fydbac! I can't wait to see you do more of him! You rock!!!!

Thank you two for taking your time to add touches to my character. There is nothing like seeing someone open up their imagination to you.

You gotta try Fydbacs 24 hour commissions:
24 hr commission: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/journal/fydbac/182686/

Regular discount commissions: http://fydbac.blogspot.com/2009/01/discount-commissions-rates.html

Full commissions: http://fydbac.blogspot.com/2007/07/commission-rates.html


  1. yay! lololol but wow thats a long dick. XD
    Actually I like the tusks and his ears too. You always got such talented people pimping out your characters. o3o/ wowza

  2. I am very fortunate to have made so many good friends and met so many talented people. Fydbac has such a good personality and kind nature that I can't help but, take advantage of her 24 hour commissions as much as I can. I know she will give me 110% and treat me with respect. :)



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