Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Vann and His Christmas Tan

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you didn't miss me!  Like Vann here I took a bit of a vacation.  I spent a lot of time with family and friends.  I put all my efforts into making Christmas special for my then over the last 2 months.   As I get older my family gets smaller and smaller.  Seize the day while you can, I always say.  The future is unknown.  I went with a  Looney Tunes theme this year. It was a crazy amount of fun looking for decorations and setting them up around my living room. I probably should add some pics of it to this.

Speaking of looney FallenAngel and I sent Vann Illia on vacation for Christmas.  That boys greed wouldn't be quenched by our generous gift.  Nope.  He has to get whatever he wants.  Upon getting to the beach, he decided he had to be the guy with the best tan out there.  So he stayed out far too long.  That does look sexy Vann, but you are gonna be cursing the  Hawaiian heaven once the pain and the peeling begin bud.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

One Final Halloween Embrance

Happy Halloween 2019 boils and ghouls!  I woke up nice and early to present you with this HOT sensual treat.  So stick this in your pumpkins!  It will illuminate your senses!  Oh yes!  HA HA HA!  KappaX has  Jasper and Belvadar finally getting together.  It just wouldn't be a proper Halloween around here without it!

It's deep into the dead of the night and Belvadar is sleeping so super soundly.  He doesn't notice the faint drop in temperature from the wispy mist that has appeared above him. The mist takes shape, starting with a smile...the form drifts down and lies next to Belvadar. The cold nuzzle of the masculine form stirs something in Belvadars dick and it starts to get nice and hard.  The form cups its blue chin in it's palms and watches the cock grow, with all the enthusiasm and wonder of a child with a new toy.  It reaches for the cock and very shyly, quickly helps the foreskin pull back all the way.  With a soft sizzle of skin, Belvadars massive mushroom is exposed.  Almost glowing in the deep darkness of Halloween night. Belvadar doesn't seem to be waking up any time soon, so Japser does what he does best.  He goes to town on the bat boys cock.  Sucking, and stroking has fiercely as his ethereal form can muster.  The passionate scene feels like it is encased in it's own segment of the universe. Just the two of them in perfect serenity, comfortably pocketed in the eternal darkness of Halloween.  It is not long before Belvadars hot white jisim is drowning his perfect abs. Jasper doesn't even have to touch his cut cock.  His cum races out at the very sight of Belvadars orgasm.  There it mixes in the pool of sweet smelling cum.   Belvadar would later wake up, wondering if the encounter was simply a very intense wet dream.  That is, until he pulls the ectoplasm from under his foreskin in the shower later that morning...

Here is the line art to enjoy! 

Check out the tantalizing twitter of KappaX!

If you want to have a swinging Halloween party tonight, check out this sweet Electro Swing mix!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Isaiah Has a Ghostly Encounter At Midnight!

Isaiah isn't safe even sleeping by his wife in bed any more.  Horny ghosts like Jasper just sneak up through the sheets between them and have their way with his mountain sized manhood!  That is what happens when your dick is a demonic dousing rod.  You wind up attracting all kinds of curious ghouls.  It is midnight on Halloween morning.  This day is owned by Jasper.  Rising from his grave, he is instantly drawn to Isaiah.  Aneros has drawn up a solid chocolate man treat and our Ghost boy is gonna devour every inch of him!  Those cold, slipper hands of his are firm and sensual on Isaiahs extra long shaft.  He is paralysed with passion.   Unable to even call out for the help of his beloved wife, as he brought to orgasm, after orgasm. Edging for hours does a number on his sensitive cock. His head is gonna be as sore as Ichabod Cranes come Halloween morning!  

Enjoy my friends, but beware the midnight hour!  Huge Halloween hugs and Candy apple kisses to Aneros for doing such a fantastic job, just in time for Halloween!  We love you man!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Byron And The Bigfoot

Velcome to day 3 of our count down to Halloween.  Let us head deep into the back woods of British Columbia and see what we can see!

Today our friends Byron of the Canadian Mounting, er, Mounted and a certain young hiker are about to learn a lesson in horror etiquette.  Once you think you have escaped, never stop running till you are safe!
Upon locating the missing Elijah deep in the Wood, Byron almost immediately started to work his charms on him.  (Who could blame him?)  The Hiker told Byron his story, but he refused to really believe him.  The tale of a bottom that enchanted beasts, got Byron rock hard.  It wasn't long before his desire to top the Hiker became a reality.  Despite the Hikers protest to keep quiet and hurry up, Byron continued to echo his lust loudly through the woods.  It was not long before they drew the attention of a Bigfoot.  Where there is one there is many.  Byron is about to learn a powerful lesson in taking the victims story seriously....
Maybe they can escape by Christmas....

Todays Halloween Hunks were drawn once again by Sirio!  My inital thought was to have Byron in a Canadian Mountie outfit,  but I changed my mind. I wanted him naked.  I almost settled for a hat on him, but without the rest of the costume, it would just have been a distraction.  There is enough distraction here with Elijah so wonderfully drawn and Bigfoot so big and burly!  hee hee.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

Isaiah Sticks It To Belvadar

Hello my little cum suckers.  Are you ready for the Halloween image for Tonight?
Well, thanks to Leon De Leon, Isaiah got free.  You know what he did?  He decided to administer a little payback.  Much to Belvadars chagrin. He was sleeping so peacefully. (Just a quick power nap, to recharge the old bat pole, of course.)  The demon slayer found him easily thanks to his magic phallus.  Isaiahs demon dowsing rod  located and started excavating his hot bat cave in a matter of seconds.  Belvadar woke with a start. He thought Isaiah only let demons fuck him.  He wasn't ready for this Halloween nights twist ending!

 Oh but you know our Belvadar. He knows how to give and take it.  His hole is super tight, able to administer a special suction that just coxes cum from cocks!    If Isaiah wanted to last even a few moments he was gonna have pull that steaming uncut meat constantly out all the way.  He could feel the pressure pushing his foreskin super tight over and long past the tip of his massive mushroom head.  He had never felt his foreskin stretched so much.  It turned him on so much, that it made him cum deep in Belvadars ass after the third thrust. Even afterwards he didn't stop for single second.  The suction was so great, that it magically stirred his balls.  The feeling of wanting to fuck returned instantly. His cock was now twice as sensitive and he enjoyed the stretching and squishing of his pole even more than before.  The cum tickled him, as strings of it tried to make its way to his cocks tip.  This continued for several more cum shots, before Isaiah fell over exhausted on the bed.   "I think it is time for a drink.  Hydration is key. "  Isaiah was about to thank Bel for his hospitality, when he noticed his fangs were bared.  Was this fruit bat about to go feral?  Has Bel finally been pushed over the edge by an enchanted demon slaying cock?   Nah...he just was teasing as he dug into a nice can of tomato juice. Then poured a glass for his new friend. Halloween is all about tricks and TREATS.!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Isaiah Shade Powerless!

Hello my horny little ghouls.  Today is a special day!  For it marks the first countdown post to Halloween!
Yes, every day till the big 31, I will feature a skin crawling, boner inducing image!  So get your candy wrappers ready to catch your cum.  It's going to be a very special 10th anniversary lead in!

We are kicking things off with a bang, as we have the newest Halloween Hunk Isaiah Shade being tormented by a couple of Halloween Demons.  Poor Isaiah, he is powerless in the face of Mischief.  Yup, as Belvadar says, these boys got no evil intent.  Isaiahs abilities got no sway on them.  Evil he can handle, but not these two.  We know how crazy Jacko The Halloweener can get.  Too bad my friend.  You are just gonna have to take every inch and ounce till they have had their fill.  Isaiah, methinks thou protest too much. You know you are loving that uncut black dick, as big as your own up your ass. So Isaiah, enjoy Sirios hard work and get into the grove you ghoulie hunter!  

I have included a couple cock head variations and the amazing inked version as well. I hope you guys like Sirios masterpiece!  More to cum!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Simon Belmont Welcums Terry Bogard

Oh Look!  We have a very private Halloween party at Castlevania, being thrown for Terry Bogard.  Simon is providing a feast of sausage and cream. Okay that was silly...sorry.  Yeah, I couldn't resist requesting this from FallenAngel.  The second Terry was announced for Super Smash Bros, an old flame was lit in my heart. Hee hee.  Ah Terry, we need to use and abuse you more!   Even I haven't requested him in eons now. While I can guarantee I will have more naughty pictures of Terry in the future, I am not sure if I will get Terry in Smash.  I haven't touched the game since February.  Still, I totally see the appeal and more importantly the significance of him being added to the game.  Would you guys like more of Terry ?  Well FallenAngel certainly had a wild time creating this. I didn't need to ask him twice about doing Terry. Oh no...he said yes mid sentence! Adding Simon was just putting water on the grease fire of his creativity. It is so nice to have Terry back in the spotlight again!  Enjoy

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Stranger Things Character Comes Out Of The Closet

Very Literally as these Class Comics boys are about to discover!  So you had your Thanksgiving turkey and now want to take a nap?  There's no time!  There's something in the closet going rap, rap, rap!  Out the darkness the figures spring with haste.  The overpower our heroes, craving a Canadian taste.
Ghots Boy and Diablo by a duo of Demi Gorgons, are being beset! Have their matches truly been met?!  The boys are gonna get fucked into the upside down.  If I were you, I wouldn't stick around!  If you manage to escape Caravaggias creepy foursome, we will have more pairings for you that are truly gruesome!

It is always fun to introduce an artist to something when doing a commission. It is even more so, when your friend shows great interest in the characters. In this case Caravaggia had never seen any of Stranger Things, but she was super intrigued.  Converting the Demigorgans into fucking machines was far more fun than it should have been.  We had a good time picking out the pose and then deciding how inhuman we can leave the creatures as.  The setting is the heroes bedroom.  The setting Caravaggia gives the feel that the room is very large, as you goes beyond the light, deep into the darkness.  I believe this help accentuate  how futile escape is while in here. That is is better to stand and face them, rather then run blindly into the shadows.
I had an enchanting time watching Caravaggia create this wild piece!  We presented this to Patrick Fillion on his birthday in August, but I had to save it for Halloween.

Lots more  Halloween fun to come very soon!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Jason Vs Diablo Halloween Horror Fuck By Aneros

Turn off the lights and hide as you might, there is no winning a Gay Jason fight.  Diablo that machete will make sure you can't flee.  Just be brave and try not to pee...oh well...Peter isn't going to like changing those sheets, but at least you got to see Diablos ass getting some undead beats.... >__<

Even though I am introducing this as a Halloween image, it was a really a birthday gift for Patrick Fillion from Aneros and myself.  Jason fucking Diablo was something I wanted to see Aneros take on ever since you drew Patrick drew Jason a couple years back. We took inspiration from Diablos captive situation here, especially with the pee!  OMG the 7 Days comic has driven me over the top countless times since its release!!!  Of course in our image, instead of Diablo not being able to hold it, he is letting his bladder loose out of fear!  hee hee!  We were going to put his piercings in, but I think we decided that this was to show he was already in bed, or almost ready for bed.  I mean...I guess you take those out at night?  I am probably so wrong on  Again also inspiration from the 7 Days and in that he had them removed and he was shaved. :)  Now had I know the little secret revealed in the new Mini Hook Ups Comic, I might have had the image of Diablo more like the inked sketch below.  We could have reduced his age.  It could be that this was the meeting where he learned to really fight back and use his powers after just joining the Guardians of the Cube.  

If you haven't seen my comments on Twitter, then you might not know how much I fucking enjoyed the mini Hook Ups comic.  Taken from the Patreon of Patrick Fillion, it's a collection of some of the more taboo situations we all wanted to see these boys in for years. (Done by Patricks hand.)  I actually broke my bed cumming to Byron and his dad fucking.  Not a lie..oh how I wish it was a lie.  The Diablo and Incubus is equally as spicy.  A  paring we all wanted to see Patrick do for over a decade. Ha, I remember doing a commission and stating that Diablo and Incubus shouldn't be interacting as it might be too taboo for Patrick and the fans.  ha ha ha..I was so innocent back then.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Seuhle The Inquisitor

A couple months ago Lastmanouthere asked me what character class he should explore next.  Out of the choices he was trying to decide on, I told him that Inquistor would be the most fun and challenging for him to do.  So the boy set down to some very hard work.  He showed me many sketches over the last half of the summer.  Finally this morning he woke me up with his finished vision Seuhle.  I want to gush about every aspect of this wild guy, but dang it, you gotta read his story first, cause it gives so much back story that is absolutely required to FULLY appreciate this mysterious muscle man!  So please read on!

The young Seuhle was born to a minor merchant house in Banteka, his family were Prarians who were relatable enough to avoid the usual Bante-Prarian bad blood. Well-liked, prosperous and generous, the Kerkum house earned a place in Bante thanks to its connections in other countries and to the Liothi Guild of Commerce.

Unknown to the public, the Kerkum were devotees of the Prarian Vaisren ul Bredeufein, commonly referred to as The Lord of Suffering. Underneath their Prarian tunics, they hid the scars of countless mortifications they performed in service to their secret lord. Seuhle was from a very young age introduced to this by his parents, and with time grew to be a devotee of The Lord of Suffering himself, just as his three siblings. 

While his sexual awakening came in this SM circle, his heart was taken by a young noble of a minor house, Allore. Though Allore seemed to reciprocate the feelings, Seuhle knew his body would reveal his and his family's secrets, and so was forbidden to engage with the young man. Allore, however, proved to be both sweet and tenacious, and with time Seuhle gave in, finding Allore showed incredible understanding and willingness to accept Seuhle for who he was. 

The Kerkum, however, knew of no such tolerance. To maintain their lucrative deals and secret lifestyle, they convinced a naïve Seuhle to invite Allore to their place, where they killed to boy. Seething with grief, Seuhle refused to accept his parent's arguments that his sacrifice would be a priced offering to Vaisren ul Bredeufein, wether Seuhle knew of the plan or not. He pretended to be fine with the death, but as soon as he could, he went to the nearest temple of Osdeueg Hiilin, the goddess of Fiery Redemption, and ratted on his family, fully prepared to be chastised as they would be for his sins. 

His mother and youngest brother escaped the Fiery Lady's forces, but he and his other two siblings and father were brought in before material and spiritual justice. Seuhle repented his ways and confessed to bringing Allore into his death, unlike his family, which remained adamant Sufferers. His father was sentenced to death, his siblings to prison and him to penitence, which he undertook by renouncing his family name, his fortune, and entering into service of the Fiery Lady as an Inquisitor, searching all over for transgressors like his family.

There you have it, a story that is sure to hit home to many a gay man. I can certainly relate.  I saw my youthful lusts denied by society and family alike.  Fighting against what I was brought up to believe and what I know was true in my heart.  Finally emerging a stronger person for it, as many of us have I am sure.  Imagine having the chance in life to rid the world of people that discriminate, hurt others and their own, by exposing them.  It would be a difficult power to keep in balance, but for someone like Seuhle he knows more than anyone what it is like to be on both sides of that coin.
It will be interesting for Lastmanouthere to explore him in the future.  Hopefully once he has completed his sets, that will be the first task he takes on!

Now let's take an even closer look at the massive amounts of detail bestowed upon Seuhle!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Summer Skelldon Suprise

Hello everyone!  Todays bara-licious image was done by BaoBaoart.  I came to know this very talented artist through twitter.  Never underestimate the power of retweets.  Thank goodness for them.  I have been enjoying his work for some time now.  He recently opened up his commissions.  Having seeing many examples of his delightful work, I did my best to request something right away.  Being so great with big bodied boys, I didn't even think of another choice, but Skelldon.  One of the first creations on this blog, it would be unheard of for him not to make a showing during our 10th anniversary!

 Do I recommend commissioning this very friendly artist?  Well, I think the epic image speaks very much for itself on that matter alone!  If you want some beautiful bara work done, then please follow the link below and tell him Dinosaurprince sent ya! :D  Enjoy guys! I know I did..ahem..BLUSH!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Warren Is Playing Shark Games By Leon De Leon

Continuing the Birthday for master Fillion...

It's now time for Leon to make his mark, with a video game featuring a shark!  Shark-A-Gotchi from 97, being played by a man with a body from heaven!  Raise him right and he will do your every bidding, Warren playing in hopes of getting closer to Mako.  Who does he think he's kidding?!  

I have been giving Warren a lot of love these days thanks to all his recent appearances.  He has always been a cutie, no denying.  Now that he has a transformation, he has risen high in Class Comics ranks!  I asked Leon about him doing him together for the first time.  I told him I had this idea for him that involved sharks.  It was a bit comedic, but not very personal to each of us in theme.  Then, I thought about adding in the Tamagotchi.  A Shark-a-Gotme was the original name.  That was not a good name, so we scrapped it.  We wanted something he would be playing to raise a shark that would love him.  A little nod to his desire to better take care of sharks and deal with his own shark issues.  In doing so, it might show to Mako how much of an interest he has in Sharks outside of work.  Are we hinting on that possible hidden passion he has for Mako?!  Darn right!  That is why he is blushing!  That shark changing is reminding him of growing up with Mako and watching him change.  I can totally see him rushing into Makos room in the middle of the night to show him the latest Tama evolution.  (Only to stumbling in on Mako jerking off to pictures of Warren. AWKWARD!) 
The other ideas that were left on the table for him, might just surface some time soon.  We talked also about other characters, but Warren was my number once choice,  due to the fact that we had never done anything with him before now.  You know, I am actually shocked there is no shark tamagotchi out there.  At least no official ones.  I know they had a sea variant, but that could evolve to any kind of sea creature and was only released in Japan.  Maybe one day.  It is funny how something that people wrote off as a fad is still popular today.  In the early 2000s I thought they stopped making them.  Boy was I wrong!  Over the years Leon De Leon has really opened my eyes on all the new types and features they have.  Over the years we have hunted down and spoken at length about how the games keep evolving.  I am a huge fan of LCD style games.  It is absolutely incredible where the technology has gone in 20 years.  EB Games is selling the newest and the original ones at the time of posting!  

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the sketch as well!  Enjoy! That is all pencil on paper folks. :D 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Mythological Men Monday

Yup today is a total bummer, for it's the last day of summer.   It's time to wake up to the flute of Zahn the Pan.  He'll make your day as special as he can.  He'll whisk you away to a magic place, where you'll meet Strider the Centaur King, face to face.  In his forest we all wish we could remain, as the human world drives us insane.  Sadly all he can offer is one last day of fun, before the fun and frivolity of summer is all, but done.

These two pieces were gifts for Patrick Fillion.  The Faun version of Zahn was created by our dear friend Yelmo. I love having artists turn the Men of Class Comics into mythological versions of themselves.  Yelmo being an expert at drawing them, was the natural choice to make to take this on!  I really like how the design takes on a bit of Greek art.  Zahn, God of the Forest? Hmmm...Maybe that will be found on an ancient vase, or plate! 
Strider was created by FallenAngel.  This was his most desired choice, out of the various men and ideas I listed. He had a long time to prepare the image and used it well.  He drew Strider as beautifully as he ever has.  We both really like the character.  Maybe one day he will return.  

Hope you all make the best out of today!  I have no plans, so I guess it is just Mario Maker 2 and Splatoon for me. LOL.  More art to cum, as this birthday bash ain't over yet!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Double Dose Of Masters Of The Universe Fucking!

Grab your sugary cereal, cover up on the coach and prepare to touch yourself like it's the 1980s again, as Sirio, FallenAngel and I present some He-Man fucking for your enjoyment!   This first image was for Patrick Fillions birthday on Monday.  He, Fraser and his crew have been such great friends and inspirations to this site long before there ever was a 'Dinosaurprince.'  This iamge was just one of many images the artists and I presented to him. I will be posting them all this week!

Let the birthday bash begin!

Now that we are up and running, with He-Man and Byron you will be chumming!  Sirio provides some 80s flair, to remind you of yesteryear.  When days were simple and TV was such a rush, rubbing yourself to cartoon muscle men, making your cock gush!  When your Count Chocula cereal is done, get ready for even more fun!

The concept here was for Byron to be still back in the 80s jerking off to his favourite cartoon.  So despite being his younger self, in his imagination he is already big, buff and hung.  He is still cut here and imagines He-Man the same. He has yet to see any other kind of penis, only ever seeing his dad and brother in the shower.   Through some sort of magic, his fantasy momentarily comes true when he is transported to Eternia.  There he is allowed to use the Power Sword to become He-Durand!  He-Man gladly agrees to deflower Byrons bottom.  Byron leaks a huge puddle of precum at the feet of the warrior as they fuck.  He then proceeds to let go of the biggest, hottest cum shot of his life, just watching He-Man spray all over his leg and thigh.  Byron faints from exhaustion.  He finds himself naked and weak on his couch.  The end credits of He-Man are playing on the TV.  Was it all a dream?  Yeah I know Byron is in his mid 20s, but he will always be an 80s baby in my mind!  hee hee. 


While Fallen and I were working on a birthday piece, we decided to do a little He-Man picture too.  Hey, Vann Illia isn't gonna let that goody goody think he is the best top in town.  After being done with Byron and sending him back home to Canada, Vann goes in for a surprise attack.  The weaken He-Man is easily (and gladly) overcome.  The universe master lets the half Elf have his way with his bara butt.  It isn't long before the vain Vann starts filling Prince Adams ass with cum, despite his please to let him taste it instead.  No one is telling Vann what to do today.  (This is so going to come back to haunt him.) 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Tonia and Smilo Prehistoric Boys Circle Jerk

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the last days of August. I have a huge finale for this month coming, let me tell you!  Gonna start with the very talented artists KappaX, a master of Disney erotic comics and images, whom I have not commissioned since back when Star Wars Rebels first caught my eye!
Sigh, time flies!
Well,as you can see I chose two of my oldest characters Smilo and Tonia to get the KappaX treatment this time!  I could not wait to post this. I was out most of the night and won't be around much tomorrow.  Time will be short for me for private postings this weekend, so I am posting this while fighting off the sandman! I just had to get this to you all, before missing another moment!  Seeing boys enjoying each others plump cocks, nestled in the safety of a warm, dewy forest at dawn, will hopefully bring some summer time joy to your hearts.  It certainly did mine a lot of good!

Please check out KappaX at their Twitter!  They have a ton of stuff that will get your cum flowing!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Something About Rhaoul By Lastmanouthere

Hello guys, I am back.  I went on vacation and got some much needed R & R.  While I was chilling, artists have been working very hard, to get you hard!  I have a lot of stuff coming for August.  July might have been a drought, but the next 30 days will be raining men!  Lets start off with Rhaoul.  As you can see he is a Gungslinger.  He's a very mysterious entity.  His body is youthful and powerful, but his hair betrays that image a bit. Perhaps on the far East Island that he hails from, grey is a natural colour from birth.  Maybe he is what you call an 'old grey.' Where it hits you in your late teens, or 20s.  One thing is for sure, there might be snow on the roof, but that furnace is pumping out HEAT.  That is one eye popping uncut sausage.  In fact, it does look as if he uses some sort of technique to pump this cock up.  Maybe that is a side effect of his gun slinging ability?  For now the only one that knows the answers to that might be Ryan the Cavalier.  For it was in the love arms of whom, Rhaoul soon found himself in after leaving home.  I hope you guys like the new piece by Lastmanouthere!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Warren Admires Himself

After the fucking frenzy with Emil, Warrens sharkman dick still screamed for attention. He swam to the bottom of the ocean and proceeded to take matters into his own hands.  For hours is sat in wonderment of his new massive phallus.   At times he found himself clenching at his chest, heart racing, enchanted by its beauty.  He came time and again, never feeling fatigue, or pain.  The flawless tool was meant for creating an endless army of his own kind.  If left unchecked he started to realize just how easily this curse would spread.  There would be no stopping Piranha.

This image was a beautiful gift given to me by Aneros art for my birthday. I wanted to share it once we were 'deep' in summer.  He did a stunning job of adding so many little features on top of Warrens muscular frame.  Things like all the sweet texture details on Warrens shark skin and the true to life eyes, that look more human that most you will see elsewhere.  It is a glorious testament to the character!

Did you guys like seeing Warren featured these last few weeks?  Would you like to see more of him and Emil in the future?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

This Shark FUCKS Like A Maniac!

As I mentioned before, I liked Sirios proposed sketch so much, I decided to ask her to flesh out the pose!  Warren in shark form is a cum craving maniac!  His massive dick and gigantic fist are doing their best to milk old Emil out of cum shot, after cum shot.  Emils ass is being stretched far more than he thought it ever could be, but that isn't the reason for the look on his face.  Emil is terrified about what Warren will want to feast on once his balls run dry.  A little beef jerky?  Nah, we know Warren isn't going to do the Dilf any real harm...or..we hope so anyway.  Hopefully his friends will be able to cox him back into human form, before Emily can cum no more.  (Which since this is a Class Comics character should be in about 48 hours....LOL.)

I hope you guys like this! I have one more to share by Aneros of Warren! Happy belated 4th American friends.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shark Weekend Emil Vs Warren

Happy first weekend of summer everyone.  In celebration of the hot weather, I got some art that will make you want to venture into the water!  This is one of three images I have to share.  Each one features the sexy Warren Warshark, introduced in the the 2 latest Mako Finn comics.  We got to see him in action in Mako Finn 3 a couple months ago.  Since then, I have been dying to get people to take him on.  Of course since we know he is gonna run into Byron eventually, I decided to ask Sirio to pair him with his dad Emil.   The Dilf we all love, ventured back to the beach, telling himself it was in search of his son, but really we know he was hoping for more strange in the sand.
Well he got more than he bargained for, when he was taken from behind by a very horny and hungry Warren!  Don't worry Emil, he just wants your penis pudding.  Sirio did such an explosive job with this image, I quickly commissioned her to do another right away.  I will be posting that one soon, along with some wildly detail art by Aneros!  June is about to become very exciting around here!

Please check out Mako Finn #3 from our friends at Classcomics!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Wonder Boy Adult Returns

Getting back to the characters that I started adult art for, today we have Tom Tom once again by FallenAngel.  This time though, the uncut caveboy has a bit of a design twist. Fallen took inspiration from the Switch game Wonder Boy Returns.  Yes I know the game was first on the PS4 and Steam, but the Switch version is unique.  It is a total remake of just the arcade game, whereas the original RETURNS was a very different game based on the property.  And yeah, I said arcade game.  That means that the stages from the Master System are gone.  The game is great in many ways. The graphics are cute and colourful and the music is fantastic.  It plays extremely well too.

The problem?  Well, there is a bit of cheapness to the whole package.  The game recycles the intro for the PS4 game as the ending to easy mode.  It uses the ending of the PS4 game for the normal mode.   That really leaves you scratching your head if you only play normal.  Not only because you never saw the set up, but it includes characters not featured in the Switch game at all.  Another issue comes with the music.  Who ever lined up the stages with the tracks made some laughable mistakes.  Only one dark forest stage plays the correct music.  Some of them are set to play the sea side track, complete with ocean waves.  This doesn't distract too much from the fact that you are getting a very well ported and presented versions of one of the most beloved side scrollers of all time.  I can still recommend it, but not over the Master System one.

One thing that is not cheap is Fallens take on the character!  Darling eyes, bouncy hair, bulging muscles and a cock as thick as a palm tree. Yup...this one certainly passes for a quality hunk of man!

Ryan the cavalier constable of Uroldelos

Oomph...I got up at 4:30 AM to post this hunka man by Lastmanouthere, but I had a hard time getting started.  Every time I opened the image, I got a little too excited.  Now I am on the third attempt and my keyboard is pretty sticky!  hee  hee. Well, I think I should be able to concentrate now!  Ryan is one of Lastmans characters that has been around for about a decade now.  He decided to flesh him out this year.  He made him look a bit more mature, changing his features like his eyes and nose.  Ryan got a tan and a few costume tweaks as well.  I really like these changes. Of note the white cloth resting on his penis has been, at least temporarily removed.  (I could have used one of those about 10 mins ago.)  He now looks a lot stronger and more sure of himself that he did originally.  He now has a full back story.

Ryan enlisted in the Farland detachment of the frontier force of Praria, which guarded the north from the deadly raid of the most savage barbarian tribes of Bezarlos. Distinguished at a young age, he got promoted and,somewhat against his wishes, stationed as constable of at the capital, Prarika. 
Over the years Ryan's life became stale. Attending to petty crimes hardly compared to the glory of the battlefield. One day, however, his work lead him to a series of disappearances of teenagers, mostly boys.  This lead him to encounter the mysterious vigilante Blue Vindicator. Together with the Saian wizard Gerrod and Inquisitor Sehule, they travel south and onwards trying to find the kidnapped kids and stop the sinister cult behind it all.
While at first Ryan became infatuated with both the bravado of Blue Vindicator and the sophistication of his civilian persona Dellan Highwind, he later realised his affections were not reciprocated by the young noble and instead found love in the arms of a traveller with a curious weapon called a "firearm", a so-called "Rhaoul the Spurned."

Hmmm how can that Blue Vindicator not fall for Ryan?  Kinda snobbish if you ask me...
I hope that we get to see the story fleshed out and or completed some time in the near future. 

This is the original Ryan! He is so adorable! I am not sure if the new costume allows for naked feet.  Knowing Lastmanouthere, I do not doubt it still does! 

Gay Pride Day In Splatoon Nintendo Switch

Just a little PSA.  You might not have heard that today is the second last Splatfest in Splatoon 2.  The theme is team unicorn vs Narwhal.  It is about as embracing of gay pride and culture as you are probably going to get from Nintendo.  They have a very roundabout way of doing holidays and events these days. Picking a theme that is reflective of what is going on, without actually mentioning the celebration specifically.  In the past they did this with Naughty Vs Nice for Christmas and Werewolf Vs Vampire for Halloween.

Anyway it is a a big step for them to finally embrace all the gay culture surrounding this game, even if this is all we get.  So what team are you?  Do you want to be hung like horse, or be big, moist and a little fishy?  See you on the battlefield either way!


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