Thursday, October 31, 2019

One Final Halloween Embrance

Happy Halloween 2019 boils and ghouls!  I woke up nice and early to present you with this HOT sensual treat.  So stick this in your pumpkins!  It will illuminate your senses!  Oh yes!  HA HA HA!  KappaX has  Jasper and Belvadar finally getting together.  It just wouldn't be a proper Halloween around here without it!

It's deep into the dead of the night and Belvadar is sleeping so super soundly.  He doesn't notice the faint drop in temperature from the wispy mist that has appeared above him. The mist takes shape, starting with a smile...the form drifts down and lies next to Belvadar. The cold nuzzle of the masculine form stirs something in Belvadars dick and it starts to get nice and hard.  The form cups its blue chin in it's palms and watches the cock grow, with all the enthusiasm and wonder of a child with a new toy.  It reaches for the cock and very shyly, quickly helps the foreskin pull back all the way.  With a soft sizzle of skin, Belvadars massive mushroom is exposed.  Almost glowing in the deep darkness of Halloween night. Belvadar doesn't seem to be waking up any time soon, so Japser does what he does best.  He goes to town on the bat boys cock.  Sucking, and stroking has fiercely as his ethereal form can muster.  The passionate scene feels like it is encased in it's own segment of the universe. Just the two of them in perfect serenity, comfortably pocketed in the eternal darkness of Halloween.  It is not long before Belvadars hot white jisim is drowning his perfect abs. Jasper doesn't even have to touch his cut cock.  His cum races out at the very sight of Belvadars orgasm.  There it mixes in the pool of sweet smelling cum.   Belvadar would later wake up, wondering if the encounter was simply a very intense wet dream.  That is, until he pulls the ectoplasm from under his foreskin in the shower later that morning...

Here is the line art to enjoy! 

Check out the tantalizing twitter of KappaX!

If you want to have a swinging Halloween party tonight, check out this sweet Electro Swing mix!

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