Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Byron And The Bigfoot

Velcome to day 3 of our count down to Halloween.  Let us head deep into the back woods of British Columbia and see what we can see!

Today our friends Byron of the Canadian Mounting, er, Mounted and a certain young hiker are about to learn a lesson in horror etiquette.  Once you think you have escaped, never stop running till you are safe!
Upon locating the missing Elijah deep in the Wood, Byron almost immediately started to work his charms on him.  (Who could blame him?)  The Hiker told Byron his story, but he refused to really believe him.  The tale of a bottom that enchanted beasts, got Byron rock hard.  It wasn't long before his desire to top the Hiker became a reality.  Despite the Hikers protest to keep quiet and hurry up, Byron continued to echo his lust loudly through the woods.  It was not long before they drew the attention of a Bigfoot.  Where there is one there is many.  Byron is about to learn a powerful lesson in taking the victims story seriously....
Maybe they can escape by Christmas....

Todays Halloween Hunks were drawn once again by Sirio!  My inital thought was to have Byron in a Canadian Mountie outfit,  but I changed my mind. I wanted him naked.  I almost settled for a hat on him, but without the rest of the costume, it would just have been a distraction.  There is enough distraction here with Elijah so wonderfully drawn and Bigfoot so big and burly!  hee hee.  

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