Sunday, October 20, 2019

Simon Belmont Welcums Terry Bogard

Oh Look!  We have a very private Halloween party at Castlevania, being thrown for Terry Bogard.  Simon is providing a feast of sausage and cream. Okay that was silly...sorry.  Yeah, I couldn't resist requesting this from FallenAngel.  The second Terry was announced for Super Smash Bros, an old flame was lit in my heart. Hee hee.  Ah Terry, we need to use and abuse you more!   Even I haven't requested him in eons now. While I can guarantee I will have more naughty pictures of Terry in the future, I am not sure if I will get Terry in Smash.  I haven't touched the game since February.  Still, I totally see the appeal and more importantly the significance of him being added to the game.  Would you guys like more of Terry ?  Well FallenAngel certainly had a wild time creating this. I didn't need to ask him twice about doing Terry. Oh no...he said yes mid sentence! Adding Simon was just putting water on the grease fire of his creativity. It is so nice to have Terry back in the spotlight again!  Enjoy

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