Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lounging With The Bull Aneros Style

Good Saturday moooo-orning to you all. I gots a sweet gift from Aneros a couple days ago.  One that I am very pleased to present to you!  It's Lightning, our Apis Bull demigod, straight from the shower and directly into your sights!  This muscled, massive, mancow is not doing a very good job hiding his meter long beef jerky under that towel is he?  Even covered this is not safe for work!  (Is anything Aneros does ever though?)  So scroll down (Like you haven't already) and unleash the beef lovers meat supreme!

Dammmmn Aneros is trying to give us all heart attacks with a view like that.  I can't just image the warm that that moist cock head breathing into my ass.  Feeling the sticky rope of precum, still attached deep in his piss slit, pulling my flesh as he moves his cock back from it's initial inspection!  If the cock head didn't pull you apart the massive shaft and snake like veins certainly would finish the job quick!   I hope you guys like this, cause I am done. I need towel and a shower now!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Alien 'Healer'

Hello guys, I have a new character to spring on you tonight.  He was actually created by me back in March 2015.  Yep, 2 whole years ago. (I have even older I have yet to reveal, believe it, or not, including a demon and a centaur.)  Anyway...I owe a great deal of debt to the artist Leonardo, as if not for him, this guy would still not be revealed to the world.  He offered to draw the character, upon seeing the sketches back in late 2015.  There was plans in 2015 to do a short comic with him.  FallenAngel started work on it, but it never made it past the first page before it was abandoned.  Maybe we will pick it up in the future.   Back in January he sent me this wonderfully complex image.

Known only as 'The Healer' this creatures descended long ago from trilobites that grew vertebrae.  The beings have over hundreds of millions of years, learned great healing abilities.  Here we find him on a ship filled with an unlimited supply of sexy specimens.  He has collect these in the pursuit of improving on their bodies.  It was very sweet of Leonardo to not only draw him, but a bevy of interesting alien and human men as well. (Some of which look like a sub species of his own race.)

You can check out his tumblr here for tons of more hot art!
Here is my first sketch of the Healer.  I think this was the only digital image I had done.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Caveman Cupid

Hey guys! Happy Valentines day!!! We have Dore Lockstone as our cupid for this year.  His kind of ancient love seems so cute and sweet oncoming, but once he gets you in the sack, it's gonna be a rough night!   A huge round of applause for FallenAngel who whipped up this delight!  I hope you all have an amazing day.  That it is if nothing else, filled with sweet chocolates from someone who loves you!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amron Fucks The God Of War

This year for his birthday, FallenAngel and I decided to bring back on old love of Leons, Kratos the God of War. As a series, while it remains to be seen, it certainly appears to have seen the last of it's main characters iconic design.  We know the character will forever remain a favourite of Leons along with Lara Croft.  In fact I am surprised he never paired those two in any private images. :P  Well, this is a gay blog and Leon is definitely that wasn't gonna be our plan. (Hears FallenAngel quietly sobbing.)   We of course choose our favourite Filipino warrior Amron to bring the God of War to his knees! Of course FallenAngel did a smashing job of it!  Poor Leon got this on the train to work and dared not sneak a peek till after he got home.

We also decided to send him something a little less hard core!  A sweet pairing that I left entirely up to FallenAngel to conceive.  This came about through our mutual inspiration from Leon and his boyfriend Alex's images from their trip to the Cook Islands. We decided to show his heroes following their creators travel plans.  Amron has a nice golden tan, while Sabell is just starting hers.  It was lovely to see a sweet romantic side of the characters again after so long.

Last year for Christmas I got Leon the Kratos action figure from Japan. It was actually very reasonably priced, since I bought it FROM Japan.  His love for this figure is what prompted the image above!


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